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  1. Hello Trendy, i love your games, most of all the history of DD1 and i like the Cartoon Cutscenes who played after beating the bosses of each part of the history and when i played de DLC quest of the lost Eternia Shards from DD1 i cry in the end of the history saving the fathers and mother from the young heroes!!! When i first open the DD2 i see the opening cartoon intro who only increase my hype for the game, but i donĀ“t see more scenres like that in-game!! My ideia is to create this cutscenes from the campaign and for the expansions or a movie from every playable character like the opening, i'll absolutely purchase only to see this scenes, is so spectacular to see and if one day has more of this cartoons in-game or external movie/anime/cartoon i will purchase gladly thanks for the compreension and to read this far!! tx
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