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  1. I like the idea, although we should probably then make it a maxed out C8 item. Which is fairly expensive and takes multiple C8 amps. Getting that isn't a small achievement, so should have a reward. Basicly just like guilding shards but with gear. Right now I would probably never use a C8 amp, just because I do reset every once in a while and it would be a total waste. But if we at least get the C8 amps back during a reset that would also be good. Or some other ways to "guild" gear to be able to save the C8 amps is an alternative. As long as the C8 amps are not lost.
  2. Would it be possible to make it so we can manage our inventory and sell items while farming a wave? And maybe just lock the equiped items, so we cannot swap/change what we are wearing? The main reason is we get so much junk while farming and all I want to do is check if a high mod roll has dropped. Doing it between waves takes time and makes teammates wait, while doing it during a wave when no action is needed is efficient and makes space for more junk to pick up. Or another option would be ofcourse to set auto pick-up filters for mod levels, e.g. only auto pick up equipment/relics if it has a mod of level 8 or higher.
  3. It is probably not a technical issue that can't be solved. But there is multiple solution to the problem and you probably do not want to overcorret the issue. Anyway something has to be done with shards, I am curious what solution they come up with.
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    Shard Coins

    I would certainly love any change that (at least) reduces the amount of lower chaos AFK farming required for shard guilding. I have been farming chaos 4 for weeks now just to get my first guilded defense rate shard. Shard dust helps, but still is too centered around the chaos difficulties and some form of universal currency or materials would be preferable. You can even call keep calling it dust if you want. just have each chaos level dust represent another value. e.g. Campaign dust = 1 value, chaos 1 = 2 value, chaos 2 = 3 value ..... chaos 7 = 8 value and have the cost to exchange them for unidentified shards also change e.g Campaign dust costs 10, chaos 1 costs 20, chaos 2 costs 30 ..... chaos 7 = 80 value This would at least make it more rewarding the play higher difficulties and promote it.
  5. Yeah, this is a good idea to improve quality of life and improve revenue at the same time. I would spend money on it for sure. And a shards tab is indeed the best place to start. I would personally suggest getting some inspiration from the "maps stash tab" from Path of Exile (PoE), which mechanics probably best fit the needs (probably as Ajido suggested). But I am sure there are plenty of other good ways to provide a better solution than we currently have.
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