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  1. How do you not get kicked for AFK in town? I have a BUNCH of stuff that I'd like to sell, but I can't sell while I'm grinding so I figured I'd set up shop while I'm hanging with my family IRL. Unfortunately, it seems I get kicked after only 20 minutes or less. Is there a way to stay in longer? I do know of the market areas; however, I have never once seen another player in any of them ever. Are market places worth trying, or does nobody go to them? I did learn from MrJuiceBags that the afk timer in market places is 4 hours, it's just that nobody seems to bother going to them.
  2. I've sold several for 100k a piece, but willing to negotiate if the price seems reasonable. I'm on the East Coast of the US and if I'm going to be on it'd be sometime between 9am and 4pm EST any day of the week. Thanks in advance for funding a relatively newer player!
  3. Essentially what the title says. I figured I'd farm either The Drakenfrost Resort or The Jacked Sparrow, and I'm pretty new to the game and could use some extra gold. I'm really only looking for price advice for Plain Tokens, Talismans, and Hammers and MAYBE Motes. What do you guys think Plain Talismans/Tokens/Hammers/Motes should sell for?
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