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  1. 1. There is no efficient way of farming DMs, you get 23 DMs per game, the best option is to keep playing and keep doing your daily’s and weekly. The best map to farm are any Lost Dungeon maps and the Draken Resort map, they both provide very important materials. Lost Dungeon provides Clusters to upgrade your Defence and Draken Resort provides Reroll tokens to reroll/upgrade your mods. 2. Reflect Beams do not act like a blockade, they reflect projectiles e.g. Hex Thrower’s spears, Goblins’ bombs, Dragon’s Autoattack etc. Tip: If you get a 10/10 Tenacity and convert it to Chaos 8 it will prevent Cyborgs from stunning your stuff + Reflect beams can do dirty damage. I highly recommend Anti Melee + 10/10 Defence Rate & 10/10 Tenacity with Shattering Torpedos, Destruction, & Vicious Strikes. Very long to build but it’s an extremely strong build once you have it. 3. Hero Cards are helpful in the later stage of the game. It can allow you to buy more Heroes, It’s nice to have a diverse set of defences.
  2. Ahh I did not check, sadly I don’t think this Shard will ever get touched or reworked :/. For my resets, during the early stage I used PDT & ES but now I’m on the stage where I upgrade my FA & RB, it’s not as expensive as people say it is. The cost to get both relics to Chaos 7 is about 2.5 Mill + 60,000 for Vicious.
  3. With Vicious Strikes you don’t have to invest 2 million Gold per reset to max the Defence Range for the Reflect Beams. You can invest 2 level upgrades which cost 30,000 per level to max the Reflect beam Range, in total of 60,000 gold per reset. But if one does not have Vicious Strikes then yes it’s a decent replacement.
  4. I was very curious to see if a glided Torpedo Striker (Chaos 8 Shard) could possibly replace Vicious Strikes. Sadly it did not reach the Reflect Beam’s Defence Range cap, the highest it could reach is 456 (800 Max). To further the test I also combined a Level 10 Defence Range Mod + Torpedo Striker which didn’t hit the caps. The same results with Deadly Strikes + Torpedo Striker. Long story short, Torpedo Striker is poo poo
  5. I understand your frustration, it’s a bug and you’ll have to live with it. Honestly dude Defender Medals come and go, considering you get 23 medals per game or 25 per floor, you can farm it back quite quickly.
  6. Hardly use it nowadays, the petrify combo is waaaaaaaay better
  7. I. Agree, this map is hell 2. No need, slap down a Glided Deadly Strikes and it’ll be fined. Most towers have great defence range except for the Flame Thrower Turret, it needs a rework instead. FYI PTD are amazing and viable. 3. New mods are nice, it keeps the game fresh 4. Agree, blockades are almost useless in this game, I’ve used some during the Omega wave but that’s it really. They don’t have enough resistance/ health to survive, I would rather place more offensive towers than waste DU space for blockades 5. Honestly they should of limited Onslaught, who has time to go to Floor 999? My main issue with the game are rerolling mods, I don’t know why they expect me to farm one map 144 times to get ONE 10/10 mod, we need to have a easier method to upgrade instead of grinding.
  8. We’ve suggested the idea last year but this gift idea was implemented by Trendy, by the time they could listen to our feedback Chromatic took over instead. Because Chromatic is super busy with DDA I’m assuming they copy and pasted the idea for this year and won’t make any changes until DDA is out, but take that with a grain of salt as I can’t predict the future.
  9. I’ve re-tested the Buff mod and I can confirm that Harden and Inflame are buffs 😁
  10. Ahh yes I shall, going to give it another test soon
  11. I just read his ability description and Inflame does increase damage lool, if that isn’t a buff I don’t know what is.
  12. Currently making a DPS Lava Mancer build containing the mods of ManaBurn + Meduim + Damage Buff, but I am questioning if his Inflame & Harden ability are buffs. I’ve tried testing it and it’s not clear to me at all, Harden does go up slightly but Inflame goes up significantly. Not sure if it’s telling me that Harden isn’t a buff whilst Inflame is a buff, if that’s the case there’s no point on having Buff Chip on him. My question is does Inflame and Harden consider as a buff?
  13. This has been helpful, thank you all for replying @ArchaicLotus unfortunately I am on Xbox, if only this game was cross platform, but thank you for your kind offer and your in-depth response
  14. Any suggestion on how to beat them? I’ve been using my Fissures but I’ve hit a brick wall where they’re too tanky.
  15. I remember Jaws suggested a great idea, convert Shard Dust into Defender Medals,
  16. Sadly this is not going to happen, many of us have requested this for a long time ago, Trendy had a plan for inventory improvements but things changed after Chromatic took over. Chromatic are more focus on DDA atm so don't expect any changes for DD2
  17. Oh I see, that’s pretty cool tbh, have you tried it in game? This could really help on resets (if the stats stay the same)
  18. 1. Thanks for making me exercise my head 2. What Mod are you talking about?
  19. The answer wasn't going to be simple lool
  20. How I did it was: I had 2 FA, 2 LSA, Boost Aura, SandTrap (Destructive Pylon) Box shape Reflect Beam with Shattering Torpedo and Poison Protons. This was my defence on each lanes (Spawn) with a SGT for the air units that sneak pass. My CC was relying on the RB & Proton petrify combo with slow from the SandTrap. For the bosses I had to play as the Gun Witch with FrostFire, full AP, I find her efficient to take out the siege roller. Assassins are always going to kill you no matter what, Pre-cleanse by changing the colours to one colour, you may get lucky. FA: Destruction (G), Defence Rate (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Anti Orc, Anti Melee, Defence Range LSA: Mass Destruction (G), Destruction (G), Defence Rate (G): Anti Mini, Anti Range, Anti Melee Boost A: Destruction (G), Boosted Power (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Diverse Power & Crit, Power SandTrap: Destructive Pylon, Vampiric (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Diverse Power & Crit, Defence Rate RB: Destruction, Shattering Torpedo (G), Vicious Strikes: Anti Melee, Defence Rate, Tenacity Proton: Defence Rate (G), Destruction (G), Frosty Beams (G): Poison, Controller, Tenacity
  21. Yes! But that's causing balance issues, why bother finding and gliding Destruction shards when a singular Mass Destruction is worth more and can be farmed?
  22. Loooooooooong but I was able to do it, not sure if i can do it with others but I was able to solo it
  23. Happen to me once on the Goblin King incursion, start the round and they should be vulnerable
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