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  1. Loooooooooong but I was able to do it, not sure if i can do it with others but I was able to solo it
  2. Happen to me once on the Goblin King incursion, start the round and they should be vulnerable
  3. Nope, Abyssal Lord is my first buy and will always be my guy. I occasionally do topics like these e.g. Flamer Thrower Build, Moss Build etc. PLUS! I usually buy Heroes who have defences whereas Barbarian has none so I don't see the point on getting him. I will eventually get the Barbarian once I stop spending Defender Medals lool
  4. Haven't done these types of topics in ages. What is the best Barbarian build? I can't comment as I do not have the Barbarian, anyone who plays him or main him can share their build to the commute, that would be great! This will help anyone who wants to main him and give an idea on how to build him/ play him.
  5. Get Grave infection, both of them work together and is very consistent when clearing/ procing/ CC a lane
  6. Can’t be ask to argue with a arrogant guy who believes he’s perfect and everyone plays exactly like him
  7. I don't speak for everyone but my bags and vaults is packed with mods and Shards which makes managing difficult. Almost every end game I have to delete items in my inventory which consumes time. I personally would love the idea of managing your inventory during the wave, it's something to do when I am farming. It may sound bad being AFK but I generally do not care if someone is AFK in my game unless it's Onslaught or Prime. This is another example on how AFK is not bad: To get Pristine Tokens they expect me to play 143 games of DrakenLord Resort for 1 Perfect 10 Mod reroll, Madness!
  8. How did you do it by yourself?!? I tried it and cried xD I eventually did it with the help of 2 others and the World Tree lool
  9. Haven't tried it yet, will give it a go when I get home
  10. I haven't got anything from it besides the Mega Shark Gun, I was going to ask if we get any Hyper-Shards from this
  11. I can't remember but is there a cooldown on swapping heroes in this mode? Because my Mystic defences aren't up to scratch and I need to swap heroes to put a solid defence down. I may possibly have to stick with the Monk and spam FA & LSA
  12. Haven't had a soft-lock during this incursion, I can test it out when I get home. Just to clarify, you did so much damage to the Demon Lord that it stop taking damage? How many times have you use the catapult? How long did the game last?
  13. If Prime Incursion are just previous Incursions with more health enemies, I really fear Power Surge Incursion. I play solo and I don't want to run around like a headless chicken during this Incursion.
  14. Only had one issue with the Diverse defence challenge but that was when I replay the wave. "Replay" never existed when Mastery came out so it's probably causing an issue, the simple solution is to restart the map. Take a break from Mastery, it can be frustrating and long but the main Hypershards you need is Mass Destruction & Vicious Strikes. You can get the other Hypershards later in time just sort out your defences for all of your heroes and give it another try.
  15. I love the lag! I’m so happy we get the Lost Temple Map every 10 floors!
  16. I had exactly 288 Pristine Tokens and I used all of it to get my 10/10. The odds were not in my favour. I find it stupid that out of 1-288 it had to choose 288 :@ Edit: Atleast I got my 10/10 Lool
  17. Ooooh, that’s a brilliant idea, thanks man 👍
  18. Thanks for the equation, if I read it right I’m on Floor 243 so it would be: (243 - 30) x 4.16 = 886.08 + (2000/50) x 3 = 2778.24 2778.24 would be my minimum Ascension level I’m finding it difficult on my floor so I might have to upgrade my defence to push those extra floors to hit that target.
  19. The idea here is when I reset I want to put 999 Ascension Points onto whatever defence and 20 Ascension Points onto Defence Speed. My question is does anyone know what Floor it is to get that target? I think it’s 3057 Ascension levels.
  20. That’s what I do, once I hear them coming I throw my stun ability to get them off me or run to my defence. BUT sometimes the audio bugs out or it merges with other nosies, sometimes they attack earlier which catches me off guard. Headstrong assassins I accept death, I just pray to the DD2 gods that my defences will hold xD
  21. Yeah I do that sometimes, but there are occasions where I’m roaming to other lanes and suddenly the assassins will come out of nowhere xD
  22. Had the worst experience against Assassins, was doing the Lost Temple Map and about 8 assassins decided to rush me at the same time, they pop me like a balloon loool It has come to a point where my health is not enough and I can’t do anything about it. I’m wondering how do you guys deal against Assassins? I generally rely on my FA + LSA defence or my Abysal Lord ability.
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