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  1. Onslaught has corrupted our thoughts of Prime
  2. Oh I see, that’s pretty cool tbh, have you tried it in game? This could really help on resets (if the stats stay the same)
  3. 1. Thanks for making me exercise my head 2. What Mod are you talking about?
  4. The answer wasn't going to be simple lool
  5. How I did it was: I had 2 FA, 2 LSA, Boost Aura, SandTrap (Destructive Pylon) Box shape Reflect Beam with Shattering Torpedo and Poison Protons. This was my defence on each lanes (Spawn) with a SGT for the air units that sneak pass. My CC was relying on the RB & Proton petrify combo with slow from the SandTrap. For the bosses I had to play as the Gun Witch with FrostFire, full AP, I find her efficient to take out the siege roller. Assassins are always going to kill you no matter what, Pre-cleanse by changing the colours to one colour, you may get lucky. FA: Destruction (G), Defence Rate (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Anti Orc, Anti Melee, Defence Range LSA: Mass Destruction (G), Destruction (G), Defence Rate (G): Anti Mini, Anti Range, Anti Melee Boost A: Destruction (G), Boosted Power (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Diverse Power & Crit, Power SandTrap: Destructive Pylon, Vampiric (G), Deadly Strikes (G): Diverse Power & Crit, Defence Rate RB: Destruction, Shattering Torpedo (G), Vicious Strikes: Anti Melee, Defence Rate, Tenacity Proton: Defence Rate (G), Destruction (G), Frosty Beams (G): Poison, Controller, Tenacity
  6. Yes! But that's causing balance issues, why bother finding and gliding Destruction shards when a singular Mass Destruction is worth more and can be farmed?
  7. Loooooooooong but I was able to do it, not sure if i can do it with others but I was able to solo it
  8. Happen to me once on the Goblin King incursion, start the round and they should be vulnerable
  9. Nope, Abyssal Lord is my first buy and will always be my guy. I occasionally do topics like these e.g. Flamer Thrower Build, Moss Build etc. PLUS! I usually buy Heroes who have defences whereas Barbarian has none so I don't see the point on getting him. I will eventually get the Barbarian once I stop spending Defender Medals lool
  10. Haven't done these types of topics in ages. What is the best Barbarian build? I can't comment as I do not have the Barbarian, anyone who plays him or main him can share their build to the commute, that would be great! This will help anyone who wants to main him and give an idea on how to build him/ play him.
  11. Get Grave infection, both of them work together and is very consistent when clearing/ procing/ CC a lane
  12. Can’t be ask to argue with a arrogant guy who believes he’s perfect and everyone plays exactly like him
  13. I don't speak for everyone but my bags and vaults is packed with mods and Shards which makes managing difficult. Almost every end game I have to delete items in my inventory which consumes time. I personally would love the idea of managing your inventory during the wave, it's something to do when I am farming. It may sound bad being AFK but I generally do not care if someone is AFK in my game unless it's Onslaught or Prime. This is another example on how AFK is not bad: To get Pristine Tokens they expect me to play 143 games of DrakenLord Resort for 1 Perfect 10 Mod reroll, Madness!
  14. How did you do it by yourself?!? I tried it and cried xD I eventually did it with the help of 2 others and the World Tree lool
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