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  1. Water Shard + SR works together BUT it’s a 25% chance, so if you have 3 Nodes you’ll have a 75% chance of shocking an enemy. Unfortunately it’s not effective as before and it cost quite a bit to setup :/
  2. I love it when my defences are frozen, I also love it when an assassins stabs me to death while I watch the enemy run past my defences and start whacking my crystal :(
  3. “33 Mana every second when inactive” I almost never use this mod because I never understood it, plus there are better mods than mana regen. I always thought Mana Growth Chip would activate when you stand still for a period of time or when you’re outside of combat, but that’s not the case. Instead it’s when you switch to a different Hero, your previous Hero will rapidly regenerate mana as it’s condsidered “inactive”. For example: Monk > Spam Chi Blast > Low on mana > Switch to the Squire The Monk is now “inactive” and will rapidly regenerate Mana per second whilst you’re using the Squire. 8 seconds later > Switch back to Monk, back to full mana Feel stupid not knowing this xD
  4. Would like to hear where you guys use your Destructive Pylon on. Currently using it on my Snaking Sands as it does wonders for me.
  5. Your best friend is a Chaos VIII Reflector beam with 10/10 tenacity, extremely useful against Cyborgs. Without it I don’t think I would get far. I suggest you should save up DM’s to buy shards and glide them, having them glided will maximise your defence capability
  6. Ahhh ok, I was afraid to de-size my FA, thanks for the info. For a really long time I didn’t even know the RB can dish out damage until this guy showed me. I have almost nothing on it, the only shards I have on it is Automation xD
  7. I’m in a pickle right now, I currently have Vicious on my FA but I don’t want to downsize
  8. Is Vicious Strikes good on the Reflect Beam? Using Vicious Strikes on the Reflect Beam will cap the defence range (800) but is the range important on the Reflect Beam?
  9. Really interesting, I’ll give that a go 👍
  10. Ohhhh that’s true, I haven’t come across them yet, I tend to use them against Frost Orcs
  11. I know this tower isn’t the greatest or commonly used but I’ve been working on a build for it. Current build: Shards: Destruction, Vampiric Power & Deadly Strikes Mods: Anti Frost, Anti Melee & Defence Rate Reason for this build is simple, 10/10 Defence Rate will get you to 0.28 Attack Speed when the max speed cap is 0.25, this will allow me to have a free Shard slot. Adding Destruction and Vampiric for more damage and Deadly Strikes for extra range. With this build careful when you put Ascension points onto it as the Flamethrower range cap is quite small and putting more points onto it will hurt the tower. Thoughts + your build recommendation?
  12. They seriously need to change the re-roll mechanic, who wants to re-roll down? Everyone wants that 10/10 so why can’t they automatically apply a higher mod for us or atleast allow us to upgrade mods manually.
  13. That’s a cool idea, I’ll be swimming in DM’s Lool
  14. I no longer require anymore Shards from Chaos VII as I’ve glided all of them, currently have 2000 Chaos VII Shard Dusts waiting to be used. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could convert Chaos VII Shard Dusts? I would love to convert all my Chaos VII Shard Dusts to Chaos IV and increase my chances of getting the Defence Rate Shard.
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