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  1. That’s interesting, I shall give it a try 👍
  2. Yeah I’ve notice this too, because it’s attacking the torches it reduces its own health :/
  3. I would like to know your Hornets build. Currently using Vampiric + Destruction + Defence Rate with Anti Melee + Anti Range + Anti Support
  4. I always get messages from other gamers who need help on Floor 39. I don’t blame anyone who hates this map because most of the time I’m running around like a headless chicken.
  5. That is true but I do like having an emblem next to my name :)))))))))
  6. Thank you for defending me and thank you for creating this list but I am not new to the game, I was farming Chaos 1 for Chaos 1 Amps and Motes. I’ve watched many new players in my lobby who dive head first against the Draken Lord and die repeatedly. It makes me think back to when I was a new player, I never had type of boss before. If I had to face a invulnerable boss and manage other lanes, I would be extremely frustrated and possibly quit the game.
  7. Oh it’s definitely rewarding when you have the answer, but it’s also frustrating if you don’t have the answer and it’s a continuious cycle on losing against the same boss. Imagine if Chromatic Games introduce a new Fire Boss that is immune to almost anything but is extremely vulnerable when it is frozen. How would anyone know that using Water + Frost would defeat this boss without some sort of guide or hint? I’m not saying a full blown tutorial but maybe they could have an interaction with Oil+Fire in the Adventure Mode (Which should be compulsory). This will make users understand his weakest so when the user does encounter the Draken Lord again in the future, they’ll have a better understanding on defeating him, instead of throwing them under the bus.
  8. If you play Chaos 6 or 7, the assassins will always come when a boss arrives, it’s purposely intended. When a boss arrives just wait, no matter how endangered your defence is, the Assassin will arrive slightly late. Surprise no one has said the Abysal Lord, one ability and they’re off you.
  9. It’s sad but majority of the time for me is AFK farming. I’ve set up the perfect defence in one map that I don’t even look at my screen anymore. I’ll watch something on my laptop and end turn here and there. I wish they could cut down the grinding significantly.
  10. Yes Chaos 1 Gear will beat Chaos 1 difficulty. The Mods and Shards that you put on your defences are very important on winning games. Chaos 1 special enemy is “Anti-Projectile”, try using the Monk’s Auras and place a Blockade at the end of the pathway. Also try to keep an average of 200 Defence Unit per lane.
  11. How do new DD2 players deal with the Draken Lord? There’s no tooltip, no Burning Strikes shard available for them, do they even know about elemental combos? All they’re given is a Oil mod that drops randomly. I know there’s the Huntress as a starter Hero but how many would know that her abilities can stop the Draken Lord?
  12. I’m in a little pickle here and I need your help. Since the prettify combo and SR combo has been nerfed, I decided to start fresh with my Weapon Manufacture. I don’t know if I should tinker either Poison or Earth mod on to my Weapon Manufacture. WM (Earth) + PDT? WM (Poison) + EarthShatters? What do you guys think is better?
  13. 1. Each Hero have different scaling with health, it’s the same with Hero damage and Hero Ability. Example the Squire has the best Health Scaling because he’s ideally a tank whereas the Hunteress will have the least amount of Health Scaling but has more Hero Damage Scaling. 2. The icons: Top layer: Hero Armour, Hero Health, Hero Damage, Hero Ability. Bottom layer: Movement Speed, Mana, Hero Crit Chance and Hero Crit Damage 3. Items will drop for you during a fight or at the end of the game, equip the items and upgrade it with gold to become stronger. I advise you to save your Defender Medals for purchasing Shards or getting new Heroes.
  14. Resetting once or twice is painful but resetting more times increases your benefits. You get a lot more Gold and Exp bonuses if you keep resetting which is a blessing. The best advice I can give you is before you reset, you should save up gold (8-10 Million Gold), focus on one Hero and Glide your shards for your hero and your main defence.
  15. When you use the elemental combo Petrify (Poison + Earth) against the Drakenlord, I think his own aura can damage himself..... is that intended? I feel like the only combo that should work against the Drakenlord should be Ignite (Fire + Oil).
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