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  1. Dope means good/ awesome :D You do know each Shard Pack cost 500 DM or 125 gems. I never said they're replacing Shard Dust, I said "replacing the old Random Shard Pack mechanic" Let me summarise what I am saying: You purchase a random shard pack (Chaos IV) which contains 5 random shards (5 Chaos IV Shards) + your Selected Shard (Defence Rate). It's like the old mechanic but adding your selected shard. It's possible each price may vary in price, but it also sounds like a lot of effort to accomplish. Are you suggesting each Shard has a tier of pricing? e.g. Defence Rate = 1000 DM? Dark Torment = 800DM? Defence Crit = 700 DM?
  2. New Shard Vendor Teaser, super excited! So far no release date for it but I'm hoping it will be late April or early May. Lets breakdown this picture (All of this is speculation so I could possibly be wrong). Observing the background image, It looks like you go to the Knight or the Old Lady and then this menu pops up. From the top you have different tabs Campaign > Chaos I > Chaos 2 etc. Notice that it still says "The pack contains 5 random Chaos IV Shards" Possible outcome: Select Shard: Defence Rate + 5 Randomly selected Shards in Chaos IV = Your Purchase Pack. Select Shard: Defence Power + 5 Randomly selected Shards in Chaos I = Your Purchase Pack. etc. On the Top Right you can see a tab for Chaos VIII, is it possible to purchase Chaos VIII Shard Packs or will that section only be Chaos VIII Shard Dust crafting? They're still discussing what currency but it's most likely going to be Defender Medals. If this new mechanic is replacing the old Random Shard Pack then it could possibly have the same price, 500 Defender Medals or 125 Gems. But because this allows you to select a Shard they could bump up the price to 1000? but I wouldn't go any higher that. on the top left they have a Search Bar to search the shards, seems dope. This is all speculation, I could be wrong
  3. MrPeterPFL

    March Check-in w/ LAWLTA

  4. Every Public game that I play there's always one obvious player who has the strongest defence. Not to brag but usually I have the strongest defence and other players tend to give me Green Mana every game. Majority of the time people go AFK and I can't take their Green Mana unless they drop it for me or upgrade the defence for me. I'm proposing a feature where you can give your Green Mana to a player automatically instead of dropping it every game/ every wave. This could be done by: Pause > Select Player Name > Give Green Mana This feature would disable itself once one of the player leaves or yourself leaving. I don't like people going AFK but it's going to happen when farming the Chaos levels. I would rather have more control over it than waiting for others to give me Green Mana or wasting Green Mana every Build Phrase.
  5. Their main objective is to reduce RNG. In my eyes, to do this they need to change the current Shard Dust mechanic. It's possible it could use the same formula: Instead of: 10 Shard Dust = 1 Random Shard It could be: 10 Shard Dust + Currency = 1 Shard The question now is what Currency? DM seems more balance for players BUT I would say Gold is better as it's more rewarding for higher AP Reset. As much as I love new players playing DD2, I don't think they should prioritise Gliding Shards first, they should focus more on their items and mods. FURTHERMORE they should make resetting more interesting for newer players by rewarding them e.g. 1. One Free Chaos VIII Ampule 2. One Free Token for the vendor 3. One Free DM Token etc. This will encourage New players to AP reset + They'll understand that Gliding Shards is important when resetting.
  6. Because his Eruption uses 80 Mana and his Molten Core uses 40.... Yes both scale with AP but no matter what I am going to use his abilities regardless. His Molten Core is quite good when you stack it and his Eruption has other benefits besides wave-clear e.g. Enhancing my barrier, my fissure, my volcano and my geyser. It's cool if you want Defence Rate on your fissure, that's great, I might try it one day, but for now I would rather run around and be explosive.
  7. Funny enough I've gotten more Defence Rate Shards from farming Chaos VII & VI than farming Chaos IV lol
  8. Taking a guess, Chromatic Games would probably focus more on DDA than DD2, but I wouldn't say they will abandon DD2. Most likely they'll complete Trendy's objectives like the "Shard Vendor" where you can obtain the shards that you want. But after these objectives, they'll probably do minor Updates like bug fixes etc.
  9. No I meant what I said, I know what the Shard does, I already have a DPS and that’s my Flame Aura., the Fissure is only there to give me mana and do decent damage. I do not mind trying out new methods so I’ll give it a go but currently right now I rather have my Flame Aura as the DPS.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. but thanks man! I would thought it would be the same as the Flame Aura: Anti Melee+Anti Orc+ Def Rate No harm on trying something new :) Is it: Mod: Embermount Flames+ Anti Frost+ Tenacity? Shards: DeadlyStrikes+Def Power+ RateOfFissure?
  11. I have both consoles and there are no major improvements that I can see, both console will play at 1080p (Depending on your TV). If the horde is too far away from your hero it will always be 30 FPS or less to reduce frame drop. One X has better colour improvements but that's most likely because I have a 4K TV. There are other games that excel with the One X but not DD2.
  12. I haven't played Lava Mancer in yonks! I would like to return as him once I reset, any suggestion on mods and shards for his Fissure of Embermount? (Aura Defence)
  13. It’s a long story but to answer your question, it’s best to reset when you can no longer get any higher on Onslaught. To me your level is not important as you get plenty of exp boost after a few resets, but ideally you want to reset at 500. My first reset was on Floor 32 and level 300. I’ve learnt from my mistake and now I understand what to do. Before you reset: Farm all 3 Motes. (Atleast 300 each) This will allow you to skip Chaos tiers so you can get back to Chaos 7. Have atleast 10-15 million gold, this is important as grinding gold is extremely long especially when upgrade your gear to Chaos 7 Hypershards do get reset so have enough gold for that too. (2,000,000 to max 1 hyper shard) Only focus on 1 hero because you will not have enough gold to upgrade all of your heroes, you’ll barely have enough for that 1 hero. Make sure you have 1 anti air, 1 Tower, 1 Barrier and 1 or 2 Auras. Have glided shards for your chosen hero. Glided shards do not get affected by the resets which means you don’t have to spend gold on upgrading it. Have a Material Vault as you can hold all of your ingredients and motes forever. It’s optional but I still recommend it.
  14. My friend had something similar to this but with his Weapon Manufacture. When we lose a round and replay, instead of having 7 placed on the floor only 3 would be placed which is weird. The good thing is that he could sell it and get all the greens back and rebuild it without requiring more greens :D
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