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  1. Thanks for your reply and apologies for the images. I will submit a ticket now.
  2. They are calling myself and many others "N*****" and "F*****". For the last few weeks I have noticed them doing it in every single game. Every time someone new joins, that's how they greet them. They said that others have said they would report them and nothing has been done so they are just going to keep on doing it. Again, I couldn't care less about what they say as I can just ignore it. Just thought I'd bring it to attention as I don't really believe that anyone wants to play with people like that?
  3. Hi, I was just wondering how I go about reporting two players for continually using abusive language? Normally I'm not the person to report people but these two have been using abusive language for weeks now. Every single time either of them enter one of my games, they start using this language. I understand I have a profanity filter but it's not the language that offends me. It's just people like this in general that bother me and I don't think other's should have to put up with it either. Images of the offenders and their language are linked below. The main thing they keep doing is calling people "N*****" and "F*****".
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