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  1. Im down to my last 2 accomplishments on Dungeon Defenders called Teamwork and Catch em All. I have 2 controllers but do not have no one to fill in the last 2 spots to get the Teamwork award and achievement could someone maybe help me much would be appreciated. I do not need help with Catch em All I can go farm and earn the pets needed. on Xbox 360 gt Lord Laxas

  2. I heard that events were being hosted but how do I get into these events? I know that events in any game can give you a special reward and usually the reward is something pretty useful since im still fairly new i would like to get into these events. All 8 of my characters are now 70+ and have almost all accomplishments done only needing 6 more. Im on Xbox 360, and my gamertag is same as my username Lord Laxas

  3. got dungeon defenders a week or 2 ago for the Xbox 360 and would like a list of where to farm all non and dlc weapons and good armour and best place to level up i have been playing ramparts on hard but not getting enough xp. all my characters are now 70 i have difficulty playing insane.

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