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  1. Gilded purpose=resetters and f the rest of us. Except for defense rate...:)
  2. I think what hes saying is that the fun part of the game, grinding onslaught, is first walled off by a mountain of boring grind. Yea this is a grind game, i wouldn't have it any other way. But the grind for shards and all the prep work to get ready to do onslaught (or the reset prep, gross) is a daunting, and a frankly boring task. especially If you carry your buddy thro the campaign thru c7, they don't get to understand how the game works and how to play, the trials and tribulations of expeditions (see what i did there?). AND then you have to tell them "hey, before we can have any fun, here i
  3. The shard system is royally screwed up. Every 10 shard dust (10 shards you never wanted) should allow you to pick the shard you want. I spent over 800 gems, 4k medals and spent 4 hours farming c4 yesterday and didnt get one rate.
  4. If it is getting worse the longer you are playing, it is a memory leak. Xbox one usa here. No crashes but severe lag after awhile.
  5. You'd be livid if a broken system was fixed, simply because you played it at its worst? Screw the rest of us eh? I'd look forward to February bringing huge changes to ap. Trendy has to make a big move to keep us around and this would be it, if they do it right. Aka no relic resets. Grind enough anyways just to push floors.
  6. Last stand chip hasnt worked since mods came out, for me at least, shackled doesnt either, grov a tov doesnt work on ev2 (least with meg manus). Im sure there are plenty of others not working properly. Maybe someday theyll address these issues. But probably not since bees not targeting behind them has been a huge problem since release and they have ignored it. I'd just ditch that mod if i was you. Elandrian got promoted so maybe he can stop the laziness of Lawllaziness and the crew.
  7. It is an audio bug from the drakenlord that will persist all game in the area he died in. I have only encountered this when i stop him from making his ice bubble, but I'm unsure if that is the problem.
  8. I 100% agree. Prestiging is supposed to make you be stronger but the time and money that you have to put in, mainly because of gear/relic resets, isnt worth it to most people. I havent reset due to the insane commitment and how little you improve in the end. Once i find my cap in onslaught, ill be making c8 gear so no turning back. Hopefully they overhaul it very soon.
  9. Kind of what you get for blindly trusting. Id say move on and learn from it. this person shouldnt get in trouble because he gave you his word and tricked you. You tried to trade in a game with no trading system. You're both at fault if anything.
  10. Personally I think alot of these du costs are in a good place, except volcano. My big issue is some of these defenses just need a buff, and have for a very long time. Also several maps need more du such as ramparts seige and assault on the throne room. They open up more lanes but give the same DU space as their counterparts.
  11. Hella respect. Now if we can just remove that incursion from onslaught and fix dim returns, i think we can all get back to playing and paying you fine devs. Aint no shame in backtracking sometimes.
  12. Meta=best and no cc defenses are meta anymore. For me its just basic flame aura/lsa stacking. Boring, no skill involved and works best for me now. Sadly.
  13. I think its still worth using but like all cc defenses, its nothing like it was. Now i just use it for lanes with cys and frost orcs to slow them down so my other defenses kill them. I miss the old earthshatters.
  14. I have the same shards but no gilded deadly strikes, 4 water 9 shocking 9 anti melee. C7 piece. I think the melee is the only reason i cant tell it much in c7 but it is very apparent in onslaught for me.
  15. Someone please address this. Ive had to leave several games because someone wouldnt drop du and wouldnt build. I hope vote to kick wasnt removed intentionally.
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