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  1. Yes I vaguely remember that at the time and although going for high scores was out of my league I did progress through. It was brought to my attention a couple of months back by someone who had one of the crowns and I asked how he got it. Basically getting the high scores or in the top 10 of every map of a particular tier. He was an old timer and in a team so I suppose he was alluding to that time. I'll catch him somewhere and grill him on more details. But you're are probably very right. Pity, I do think such a prize would encourage people back to Mastery. Hmm I might just do it to do it and bother Trendy until they update the boards.
  2. What you're saying about the amount of graphic mayhem is correct and my initial thoughts were of walls and cannon/balista builds but the reality is that ain't going to work. I've shut down all settings pertaining to extra graphics, dmg numbers etc but they have created the monster for us to use, you can't turn around at the final hour and say well..... No it's obvious Trendy doesn't think things through and plan for all consequences. Terrible builders imo.
  3. The real question is do they still register if not on the boards? I don't really need my name in lights but I WANT THAT CROWN.
  4. I've also found temple quite unplayable in high onslaught. I have to stay in one quiet lane, shoot directly in front and trust that the rest to the build will hold, but if my build isn't holding my chances of not just getting across the map but being able to do something when I get there are about as good as my frame rate, near zero. It clears up on Omega so it would be number of enemies causing the lag and the size of the map. But still when you go into temple and your biggest trepidation is lag there is something wrong.
  5. It's true that the mods have made things easier but that has no bearing on high scores. I think the leaderboards are the ONLY inducement atm to revisit Mastery as replaying it is never on anyone's list of things to do.
  6. I have completed Mastery but returned last night to try for some high scores. I beat the leaderboard scores on 2 maps but today when I looked it doesn't show my name/score on either. Gt: desktop joe Platform: xbone Mastery C7 Maps: Greystone Plaza, Ramparts Siege Date/Time: 20*21st Feb, 11pm - 3 am Est. (I'm in New Zealand so those times are estimates) Just wondering whether I'm wasting my time in Mastery chasing the high scores.
  7. Just wondering if anyone else was having a problem with their Shackled Mod. For me it started with the Drakenfrost update when I noticed it was shackling assassins less frequently, then you'd see the graphic less and less and now I don't see the graphic at all. Even if it was going off and not my own stuff like Destructive Pylon it would only be a 2 in 10 occurrence. I've unequipped and re-equipped the weapon, I even used a number of rerolls to get at least what I got (which is what I got) but it still isn't working. I may have missed something in the patch notes but I don't think so. Pity really, it's a great Mod but I can't keep something which don't work.
  8. This constant changing of my towers capabilities is really starting to get old. I'm tired and frustrated from optimising a particular tower with the best mods I can get and then have it rendered useless in the next update. Do something about the enemies sure but leave my towers alone. The diminishing enjoyment policy is also a point of contention, do they stack? I like loading up a lane with an array of different defenses but if diminishing returns stacks, diversity will be a detrimental thing. Are we going to revert to only having a wall with a tower on each lane with a skyguard in support? It's enough that we have to do so much grinding but to see all that farming go down the tubes in the next update doesn't keep me wanting more. As I said constant tweaking and the diminishing returns is eroding my own enjoyment of the game and the motivation to continue playing.
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