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  1. Little late but.. Depends on what you do really (Never heard about those praises of 16:10). If you game alot id suggest a 144hz (or higher - not really necessary though) monitor. ASUS/BenQ defintetly has the best models out there in terms of gaming, and they come at a somewhat affordable price nowadays. Dont know about monitors for work stuff, i suppose some standard monitor will do lol.
  2. My Entry: Image:  My Steam-Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BillyHerringtonPepeH Good Luck to everyone participating - thanks Washboard for doing this. - Billy
  3. He withdrew the offer, youre the highest bidder now.
  4. Dont think im really interested in Captain Djinns Hat honestly. Got something else in store? Sorray :x
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