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  1. I spent 40 minutes sitting there to re-roll 260 tokens (which I farmed for a whole week), finally re-rolled a 10/10 Anti-chaos, but because of the awful UI and default "No" for accepting re-roll, and the fatigue for such long time repeated work, I clicked "No" out of habit, thus lost the 10/10 Anti-chaos mod witch worth more than a weeks' work. (I'm on PS4 not sure if it's worsen the situation) This is beyond frustrating. Is there a way to retrieve the lose? I already sent a ticket but got no response.
  2. Yeah since the last patch got a lot freeze during loading screens. Also cant proceed in onslaught as lost temper always got blue screen (I’ve Tried 6-7 times, no exception). I mentioned this on discord/stream but seems nobody care at all. Really frustrating.
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