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  1. this means grinding Defense Rate shards tho to gild a DR shard... guh....
  2. Is there a specific location Defense Rate Servos tend to drop? or is it random. I wana make minigun AA towers. Also looking to buy 10s for things like Rate. Trying to kit up my dryad, EV, and Monk <3
  3. feel like this needs to be a thing too... You can link your profile to your steam or twitter or whatever.... Playstation Account Linking WHEN?!
  4. i got the silly sharkfacething.... I just want the ice wings :C
  5. See now >I< feel bad. I just got both the raven lords Set, and the exhaust..... I like the raven stuff... but the exhaust is just ugly lol. If we get trading you can just HAVE it xD
  6. It took me untill just now, trying for the wings, to get Plexus Mystic. I used to main her. So i wanted that skin..... feelsbad now that i dont use her at all these days. At least i have the skin now tho?.. I know your pain lol.
  7. [[150110,users]] Idk why but i expected the first comment to be flame. It was for Destiny 1. lol. Thanks for not being a ***ty person. Happy Holidays <3
  8. Ill openly admit, im the kind of girl who will whale out hard for cute cosmetics.... but having them all tied to RNG is just plain stupid. I spent 300$ so far trying for ice wings. Thats one way to murder my christmas money.
  9. Im kinda? new, and was worried i joined in to late. Only to see the new patch today. Needless to say im hype. I was introduced to the game by a friend (who then kinda imidiatly left lol) and have been addicted since. Im already C8 and am *Addicted* to the cosmetics. I guess the only questions i really have are... Will there be more heros in the future? More cosmetics??
  10. All the DLCs are there. They also went on sale for half off recently. I may or may not have bought one of every single one..... @@; i have a problem, and that problem is cute cosmetics.
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