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  1. Greetings fellow Defenders, After having spent about 175 hours playing DD2 I felt like leaving some feedback. This time seems about enough to give general feedback. When I started playing, I immediately fell in love with the concept. It felt solid enough to be fun, and the beginning felt teaching and introduced me well into the game. Even if the first matches were a little wonky, I quickly found into it. And every match I played kept introducing me to new things to learn and tinker around with. The campaign was finished quickly. From this point on it changed. I wouldn't say I hit a wall, but the difficulty went up drastically to a point where I found that getting carried is the only way of progressing. It may or may not even be that hard, but as a new player it felt like this was the only viable way. And this kept going like that for quite a bit up to chaos 4 where I finally started getting good shards and decent equipment as well as modifications. I'm not saying this game is too hard, but lack experience and good heroes and you will have to make a big jump every so often. And some of these jumps become too big to manage. Once you gain that experience and knowledge, things become a little easier. But you will have to reach this point first. As I progressed further through the game, I noticed another drastic change in the gameplay. In the beginning I actually had to actively participate in the combat to manage the waves. Later on it felt like that I'm just good for the placement of the towers and occasionally defeat a goblin siege roller in order to win the game. And this has been like that from C4 and upwards. Speaking of that, another thing that becomes really annoying after a while is the overuse of Aura- And node type defenses. They become so superior that it really feels like every other tower type is obsolete. Even now in C7 all my friend and I make use of is Weapon mfr., Life tree and Boost aura. That's usually it. Rarely we make use of other towers. Honestly, I would wish that other towers become more useful even without augmentations. Because right now: Why should I use a Single-target Cannonball tower if I can use a wide-area Flame aura that damages everyone inside it? Another thing that becomes very noticeable is the necessity of new heroes. I especially put my eyes on EV2 and Dryad. Those two seem to be extremely superior. EV2 for her weapon mfr. and Dryad for her Hornet nest and Life tree. The monk is also the only hero out of all the 4 starting heroes that has a huge power difference. I see everyone using the Monk. Why though? Why can't the Squire be just as popular? Maybe we need a cannonball aura. Who knows. One thing I can appreciate is the replayability. You see, every time I log in and play I have one goal in mind. This goal being to become better, getting better mods, receiving good shards and generally upgrading everything as far as I can. This always gives me a point to return. And that's what matters to me. Another thing I may have to criticize is the RNG system. I know it's going to get an improvement soon so I will keep it short, but some shards and some mods are too rare to be fair. Same goes for event RNG such as the current Christmas event. Getting 3 Epic presents in a row? Really? No offense but I would much rather have a guaranteed good drop every day rather than a chance for a very good one but also the chance for a mediocre or bad one. If you catch my point. And you won't exactly break a piece out of your crown. It's not a permanent thing. So, I'm also going to say that I really love the general design of the game. I love the style and detail put into sound design and graphics. It looks cartoon'ish, it feels cartoon'ish and it still feels like it's for the age group I am finding myself in. So honestly, I love it. Maybe that's also one of the biggest appeals this game has. A huge thumbs down goes to the economy though. The Initiate and the Adept being copies of the Monk and Apprentice for the most part, still costing 8.000 defender medals. I would see them costing 4.000 Defender medals each. Not 8.000. I also don't see the reason for the cost behind the Mystic. I bought her, she feels very weak compared to the others, but being tied in terms of cost. 7.500 Defender medals for the Mystic sounds more appropriate. Then the Bag- and Vault prices. Only Gems. Now that I find unfair. Not everyone can afford gems. So, in turn not everyone can afford extra bag and vault space. And especially later this becomes annoying and you can feel the need for more space. Make the first 2 bags cost 2.000 and 5.000 Defender medals respectively, and make the first 2 vaults cost 2.000 and 5.000 defender medals respectively. This would at least give free players a chance to store their stuff. Because especially right now I can feel how much better it feels to have full bag space. Well. I guess it turned more into a rant rather than feedback. But I guess many things needed a point-out. Because there are so many things that overshadow good parts of the game. Some of them being more noticeable, some of them less so. But you get my point. For now, thank you for reading! Best regards - PeriCore
  2. I also planned to buy 1 or 2 DLC's for the game. I'm mostly curious about the developers' decision to not put the DLC's on sale during the winter sale. As far as I heard and read, almost every sale those DLC's were on sale for 50%. Honestly I can't see the reason why that would stop. So suddenly. Didn't exactly leave the best impressions on a new player like me.
  3. So I would assume using both together is a very good synergy on explosive traps? Considering their DPS and blast radius, of course. How would you recommend maxing the explosive traps out? Or would you rather recommend maxing out some other trap? Thank you a lot for the answers, I really appreciate it! Best regards ~ PeriCore
  4. Greetings dear DD2 Community! I'm not entirely sure about the existence of a specific mod I believe I found once, or a shard. I faintly remember it. So, I believe it was something along the lines of "explosive trap will gain extra DP for every time it explodes" - Again, I'm not sure if this is actually a thing, but I remembered it and since I'm currently trying to make a working Explosive Trap build, I was curious if that even existed or not. Because I swear I believe I saw it popping up once. Best regards ~ PeriCore
  5. Yeah, I also saw the Gemtastic pack. Not really fond of it though. I may buy it if the other DLC's really are not going to go on sale. I currently feel like I started off playing this game at the worst time. First, DLC's disappear, then those "nice sales" disappear as well. Is it just me or does that feel a little repelling?
  6. For which we need Gems for, which I don't have and won't get without the sale. No offense towards the pricing of this game, but especially now I have only a bit of money left for myself when I'm busy purchasing gifts for others.
  7. Hey dear community, I've been waiting for a relatively long time now for the steam sale to start and was honestly hoping to see the DLC's on sale, but quickly noticed they aren't. Will they ever go on sale or will they remain full price? Asking for both gifting purposes and, well, for myself. Best regards ~ PeriCore
  8. I believe towards endgame you focus more on looks and design. Before that, one probably focuses on functionality. And, well. Extra bag and bank space is quite a neat functionality to have in my eyes. Mostly because it really offers convenience. And I feel it, I want to keep the most important shards and resources, but I can't. I'm really not saying the other packs are not worth it, and I just bought the first one. Please don't interpret it that way. I'm really just a little frustrated that my BF got his hands on this one pack and basically got 2 (3 now with the leftover gems) bags, 1 Bank and 1 EV2 while I only got 1 bag and 1 Mystic with the stuff I have. Which is, in my eyes, a sizable advantage. He got a total of 3280 gems worth of content, while I "just" have 2000 gems worth of content. The difference between those two packs is large, as you can see. So the only thing I maybe would ask for is to equalize the value of both packs. Kind regards ~ PeriCore
  9. Hmm, I see. I guess it could have been fixed by saying that those bags are not counted towards the bag limited. Even after calculating everything with sales included, I'm still finding that the quickstart pack gave about 25% more than the current pack. Which is not bad considering it's still reduced prices on gems. I'm just saying that this is lightly frustrating towards a player like me. Then again, there's many more players in this game who also have a word in that. Kind regards ~ PeriCore
  10. Hello LAWLTA! First of all, thank you for this surprisingly quick (and official) answer. I don't see that in any other game very often if at all. I restarted steam and yeah, they appeared. Steam being dumb again I guess. ^^ I understand the fresh DLC thing. People can buy more DLC's that way and gain some discounted Gems which makes sense in my eyes. I find it a little sad that the Quickstart pack has vanished. My BF got that one and said it was super useful to have. This extra bank and bag slot helped him a lot with managing everything. In the current ones I cannot seem to find extra bank and bag slots. I personally find that at least the quickstart pack should stay permanently then. Because it indeed is a quickstart. That one bank- and Bag slot is very useful to have along with the Gems that come with it. The new one has an outfit but (no offense of course) right now i rather want to focus on functionality and getting my inventory/heroes/shards done before I start going for fashion and flairs. I really would appreciate if you could re-think the decision of removing the quickstart pack. I'm sorry if I came off a little too over-the-edge but this pack was something I really set my heart on to get for the amount of convenience it would give me. Even if it would only give 1500 gems, it still was very useful. And seeing it removed is really frustrating. Kind regards ~ PeriCore
  11. So, I just started off a couple of days ago, perhaps 10 days or so. Started to find a liking on this game but getting stuff was becoming rather hard for me and managing inventory space also became a little annoying. Well, I was aware of existent DLC's such as the quickstart pack and the vanguard pack, which were by the way the ones I really wanted to buy towards christmas. I actually decided to buy them today or tomorrow now that I knew I had enough money on my bank account I really wanted to buy at least one of them today, especially with the launch of the new update I really felt like I need/want to. Well, I appear to find myself on the DLC page. But it appears the DLC's are gone. Well, honestly this really frustrates me. Not just because that takes away quite a bunch of my will to pay for something, but also because I had planned to buy 1 DLC as a gift for my BF during Christmas. So, where are they? And the better question is was there really a need to remove them in the first place? I say one word, consistency. Kind regards ~ PeriCore
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