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  1. Happend to me too on xbox. Couldnt fix ist until i restarted the Game. Happend after i left a map After we lost the run
  2. It Seems like the bees are buged Ehen they are attacking skeleon. Somehow they dont attack him anymore when he walks too Near and when he walks past them they wont do anything no matter how far away he goes. Someone experienced the same yet?
  3. Even if the event isnt returning, i would like to have the map permanent available
  4. So recently somehow i cant really play anymore. Sometimes the Game is extremly laggy or i cant even join a session. I just get the message „no connection to the servers“ or „request timeout“ or „cant find the Session“ or „you have lost Connection to the game Server! Verify that you are online“ Weil i checked my Connection and everything is Fine and anything but dd2 is working without any Connection Problems. So anyone Else experiencing these lags on xbox?
  5. Just noticed the same today with the Bees on a Pirate map (playing on xbox) So its only me… sometimes they just ignore him
  6. They are already doing this. They just leave to town to clean their inventory or doing this during Build phase so you have to wait forever
  7. So could someone explain me why its not possible to go into your inventory during the combat phase? I mean when you wanna farm you can clean your Storage during combat phase and it would make it much faster
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