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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ profile link https://ibb.co/QrnLS8w maps done, feedback: map is a bit laggy even for host, a lot of stuck genies, good idea with super wyverns, oh, also boss arrows fly thru walls idk if intended but got confused being shot by cactus edit: i love the projectails of fenghuang
  2. 6 cv and 16 lab runs (so 8 cv)
  3. Hello, I have one problem with emulator, everything but alt attack works but I can't make my monk shoot, even if i rebind from numenter to some other key it still doesn't work, it is really wierd because it works with any other bind but this one, i have reinstalled both dd and emulator and still only my alt attack doesn't work, any advices?
  4. https://zapodaj.net/a3ab8beffcf8c.png.html enter for 6+ prizes ;) (can't beat pizza time tho)
  5. The frist time I ever played DD was christmas 2013, so I wish you all happy holidays!:)
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