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    pristine 10cv
  2. Hello, welcome to my armor auction. #edit added buyout for unwanted armor Accepted currency: Coal ( 8 coal = 1 cv) Cubes Diamonds (4/9/15) Events #edit lowered buyout Auction end on 1st of May 2019 at 11 am CET. Bids within last 24 hours will increases the duration by another 24 hours. I have right to not sell an item if I wont like a price. Questions i.e. Event pricing via steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ or discord: Escev#7560 C/O: 1 cv buyout on unwanted pieces Leather Helmet 366: Leather Helmet 342: UncrownedData 1 CV Leather Helmet 396: Mail Helmet 374: UncrownedData 1 CV Chain Helmet 378: Leather Chest 351: Plate Chest 366: Plate Chest 359: Pristine Chest 385: Chain Gloves 398: Juba 4 CV Pristine Gloves 383: Uber 3 CV Pristine Gloves 381: Mail Gloves 373: Pristine Boots 389: Mail Boots 362: UncrownedData 1 CV Ult++ Mail Helmet: Uber 10 CV There is no reserves. Gl and Happy Easter everyone!:)
  3. Escev

    Ult sets {ENDED}

    Pristine tower set 5 cv
  4. Hello! Thanks for Giveaway! I would love to have a chance to win: 1. Captain Isom 2. Arm Guard of Love 3. Arm Guard of Hate https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ thanks!:)
  5. Hello! Thanks for doing it, too bad I'm bad at drawing lol I would love to win (In that order where 1 is my most wanted one) 1. Black Magic 2. Ginger 3.New Patch Celebration Sorry for no color, idk when was the last time I had crayons in my house lol
  6. The auction ends at 20.02.2019 at 12:00 UTC+2
  7. Thanks you Uber, yes it is this set, I have no idea why my link doesn't work lol
  8. https://zapodaj.net/654b0a13c9409.png.html I accept Coals Cubes, Diamonds 5/10/20 and events End of auction: 20.02.2019 I reserve right to cancel acution if the offert isnt good enough. Auction has ended. Winner: Hans Joachim (NOR) 20cv thanks everyone for taking part in my auction
  9. https://zapodaj.net/14e6e8271b451.png.html https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ My little angels
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