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  1. Hello and welcome to our Polly (not Poly) the Parrot giveaway and contest, hosted by Moose and I.

    Polly is well known for her beautiful colours and slightly less beautiful squawking. However, Polly is a lot less known for her ability to take down the infamous Kraken boss. We're running this giveaway to show you just how effective Polly is at this task and why she should be respected as one of the best Kraken killers. But of course to find out how good she truly is, you'll have to farm some first.

    Everybody who enters is a winner in this one to say thank you for respecting one of the forgotten pets of this game. For some of you dedicated individuals, we will also have a CONTEST with extra prizes to show off the best Polly's that are farmed during the time period of this event, no previously farmed items are allowed. The main contest will be for the best overall DPS Polly's, however we will also have some prizes for the top few Transcendent and Supreme ones too.

    All you need to do in order to enter is farm a Polly from Buccaneer Bay survival, Wave 25 and post a screenshot of it UNUPGRADED. If you're posting an Ultimate or higher quality item, remember to censor the last digit of the 8 hero/tower stats!

    This giveaway will run from the time this is posted on March 28th until Sunday April 26th at 11:59pm CEST.

    Ps. only one parrot entry per person, add steam profile link to your post, you can edit your entry any amount of times you want before the deadline
    Ps2. parrots that will win the dps contest need to be shown on trade before getting the reward, it is to make sure that they were farmed on ranked

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  2. Hi, I want to auction 10 ult++ armors that I dont use, to avoid getting lowball offerts, there are starting prices for each armor piece.
    Auction rules:

    Auction ends 20/10/2019

    Accepted currency:
    Coal (8 coal = 1cv)
    Cube (1 cube = 1 cv)
    Diamonds 5/10/15

    Most Events, feel free to pm me for how I value them
    Current offerts:
    399 Pristine Helmet - Uber 25cv
    298 Chain Boots - WottonMajr 15cv
    414 Chain Chest - ShadowR3 25cv
    357 Plate Helmet - ShadowR3 15cv
    336 Leather Helmet - Jaymuz 30cv
    402 Plate Boots - Jaymuz 25cv
    310 Chain Gloves - Mxmxmx 12cv
    371 Chain Boots - 
    307 Leather Chest - 
    321 Plate Gloves - Mxmxmx 10cv

    Items and minimum prices: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f0uZd2R5F5-o9Ae4zxKTJueV4tjS8H1G/view?usp=sharing

    Pm me here on on discord to collect your armor !:)

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