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  1. You can get DDDK from steam version, and read the code, you can't manipulate this random number generator in game but you can manipulate what are stats on items you spawn with dddk, Idk how it works on console so can't really help with that
  2. You can't get banned for using autoclicker, given it was an auto clicker not some bot that plays for you
  3. Seahorse is not the best pet for killing genie, you need to be really close to him to kill it, you could try a MM dps or free-range chicken from spring valley, your stats are really fine for it
  4. https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new you need to contact chromatic here to get a chance on unban
  5. @Zyronox you left one number uncensored, if you get some free time to fix it it would be great
  6. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Someone took my username you forgot about steam profile :)
  7. some other people have that too, it is just a bug that unfortunetly happens to some people
  8. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Dhub79ger you need to include winter wonderland screenshot too :)
  9. Don't log in at all untill told to do so
  10. Hello, I have 5 armor sets for sale, Minimum bid on each is 10 cv. Auction will run from 2020/06/08 to 2020/06/14 11:59 PM UTC+2 Accepted Currency: Diamond 5/10/15 and cubes (up to max of 20) Happy bidding !:) Note that some pieces are not fully upgraded, there is some spare upgrades left to put into sides.
  11. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Soradesu link to png is broken
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