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  1. MoL(25cv) + 20 in diamonds + 5 cubes = 50 cv
  2. 3 cubes crystal gun
  3. 10 cv leather helmet since no one seems to want it lol
  4. chain boots, pog, 20 cv
  5. how is biding like 5 hours before auction end a sniping 46cv btw
  6. Hello, I want to sell this MM i got during poly drinking game, accepting coal (8=1 cv for first 5 cv, then 10=1cv), cubes, diamonds (5,10,15) Auction Ends at 27/05/2019 at midnight CEST Buyout is 50 cv
  7. Hi Senji, we traded some stuff in past months, we played some maps together, all this was a great time spent on DD but sometimes, sometimes life require to take care of other, more important stuff. I sincerly hope that after you take care of everything, we will meet again, either in DD or DDA. Live happy life and remember to smile :) as for giveaway: 1. Ult++ Builder chain chest 2. Ult++ Builder chain helmet 3. Event Guardians https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/
  8. 110 on chain chest
  9. glacier on chain chest
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