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  1. Hey I need to file a complain, the contest mentions Fibonacci but there is no rules associated with this person? I recommend swiftly fixing this issue, if you need help, let me know, best regards Escev
  2. As per request of Auction poster, the auction has finished and matt won
  3. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of resources around about dddk, to change tower you need to change its archetype, not sure how you can affect heroes themselves
  4. there isn't but you still need to try your best :)
  5. Uber and Escev Contest!! Hello All! Welcome to another Uber contest The first Collaborative Contest of Uber and Escev!! \o/ For this contest we will be allowing you to pick your poison to try and come out a'head' of the competition. IMPORTANT: If you don't care about competition and just want a chance for random rewards you can IGNORE Fibonacci numbers part and just do maps with regular rules only!!! For this Uber/Escev contest, you must complete 1 of 3 possible maps listed below. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONE. Same Rules for Redux but play on Ascension HC instead of NM HC. Eac
  6. Hi, @Sir John, I censored one more thing on your screenshot - upgrades, hope you don't mind, it was faster than taking it down and asking you to do it, anyway, Pointy hats and celebracers value fluctuate around 150-200 cv (celebracers even more as there seems to be less of them in circulation) from what i've have seen recently and final patch is very often an auction buyout or is valued very very high 300-600cv, hope I helped you a little bit with prices, good luck on your auction
  7. I did read your post, Other than vps (that you didnt mention, thus I copied here the most usual response) maybe you are using stuff like wsl2 or other linux subsystems? sadly after checking all the other instances where people couldn't create the game, I'm running out of ideas
  8. If you CAN'T host your own matches but CAN join other people's, disable all network adapters but your primary internet connection in your Network and Sharing Centre section of the Control Panel. If this does not work, try disabling any potentially active tunneling engine on your computer, most often created by a VPN or Hamachi.
  9. yea this doesn't work please update your entry with working image/link
  10. you may want to give an actual link to your profile like I did, uber will have very hard time finding you with this number (if it is even possible)
  11. But you already had one when that happened and I don't :(
  12. Hosting event with uber <3 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/ feel free to reroll everything that is not christmas magi :P
  13. Hello and welcome to Tis the season Giveaway Baking edition! This time of the year, there is a lot of opportunities to prepare something tasty to share with your family and friends. Defenders all over Etheria prepare to gather together to celebrate with tasty food and refreshing drinks prepared by our wonderful Tavernkeeper. With our growing community Tavernkeeper needs our help, he will do just fine with main dish and appetizers so our quest is making a dessert. In this giveaway everyone wins! Rules: -Bake a cake, cookies or any pastry or dessert with Dungeon Defenders theme.
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