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  1. https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new you need to contact chromatic here to get a chance on unban
  2. @Zyronox you left one number uncensored, if you get some free time to fix it it would be great
  3. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Someone took my username you forgot about steam profile :)
  4. some other people have that too, it is just a bug that unfortunetly happens to some people
  5. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Dhub79ger you need to include winter wonderland screenshot too :)
  6. Don't log in at all untill told to do so
  7. Hello, I have 5 armor sets for sale, Minimum bid on each is 10 cv. Auction will run from 2020/06/08 to 2020/06/14 11:59 PM UTC+2 Accepted Currency: Diamond 5/10/15 and cubes (up to max of 20) Happy bidding !:) Note that some pieces are not fully upgraded, there is some spare upgrades left to put into sides.
  8. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @Soradesu link to png is broken
  9. Escev

    Christmas in June!!

    @jas_is_there@hotmail.com you forgot about wintermire/magus screenshots
  10. Hello and welcome to Christmas in June!! giveaway. Coming into summer with its hot sunny days, we need a little bit of chill, and what chills more than some winter themed maps! For this giveaway you need to run from Wave 20 to 35 SOLO with 4 summoners in (using emulator or controllers) on Winter Mire (or Magus Citadel if you think two winter themed maps is too chilly for you) AND Winter Wonderland on Survival Nightmare HC (Not mixmode and not pure strategy) and post a screenshot of end-of-map statistics with amount of enemies shown (be sure to run all waves with 4 summoners in, otherwise your entry won't be counted). Someone may think that this would take a lot of time to run these maps, while it may be true it's definitely worth it! Everyone who participates and fulfils the entry requirements will get something you have never seen with your eyes and potentially even more! Important thing here is to let us know if you experienced any game crash issues during doing these maps, if anything happened please include a description of what you were doing and how it happened in the post alongside the screenshots for your entry. Rules: -Run both maps with 4 summoners on regular survival NMHC -Post a screenshot with players and enemy count visible -Include steam profile link in your post -Please include comment about any crash issues you experienced during running the maps -You can start before wave 20 and be on any amount of characters you want, just make sure you are on 4 summoners from wave 20 onwards -Giveaway runs from 2020/06/03 to 2020/06/26 If you encounter any issues with running the maps please contact me on here on forum or on discord Escev#7560 Ps. If you really can't use emulator and have absolutely no way of doing it otherwise, you can run the map with other person to fill to 4 slots, but please if you are able to, do it solo, thanks! The Giveaway has ended! Here is the reward sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d5UXrqRQLbOGSfmP_pOHCTF41gRlKhsgTqC72vx1NN8/edit?usp=sharing, if you are not on it, you were too late, I will host shops in upcoming days so watch for them :)!
  11. Thanks for doing the giveaway, I'm glad all the tubes will be checked by someone who will never rig the results Here is my cute pink tube :)!
  12. they are good enough for moonbase, you can easily do insane or even nightmare moonbase with those stats, btw if you need more help with game I strongly advice joining DDRNG discord server, you could ask all sort of questions there and you would get more answers than on forum
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