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  1. Escev


    Leather vest ygk
  2. Escev


    Thanks for doing contest like that wash o/ Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074679845/
  3. got other mail helmet in the meantime, sorry :c
  4. I got dragon of the north how do you value them?
  5. I can tell you any stats on any minion, just give me the number of points I should put into a stat
  6. plate boots are upgraded, chain gloves also, it is without set bonus so you can do math for it, set bonus is 40%
  7. bids from discord: WoottonMajr - pristine helmet 20 cv, 298^ chain boots 15cv
  8. i'm interested but can't add you on discord for some reason could you try adding me escev#7560
  9. They DO cap resist, with 40 upgrades left
  10. Hi, I want to auction 10 ult++ armors that I dont use, to avoid getting lowball offerts, there are starting prices for each armor piece. Auction rules: Auction ends 20/10/2019 Accepted currency:Coal (8 coal = 1cv)Cube (1 cube = 1 cv)Diamonds 5/10/15 Most Events, feel free to pm me for how I value them Current offerts: 399 Pristine Helmet - Uber 25cv 298 Chain Boots - WottonMajr 15cv 414 Chain Chest - ShadowR3 25cv 357 Plate Helmet - ShadowR3 15cv 336 Leather Helmet - Jaymuz 30cv 402 Plate Boots - Jaymuz 25cv 310 Chain Gloves - Mxmxmx 12cv 371 Chain Boots - 307 Leather Chest - 321 Plate Gloves - Mxmxmx 10cv Items and minimum prices: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f0uZd2R5F5-o9Ae4zxKTJueV4tjS8H1G/view?usp=sharing Pm me here on on discord to collect your armor !:)
  11. well, overload but w8 for response about price
  12. I'm ending the auction in two hours from now
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