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  1. I support your conspiracy (Monk = Aang)! In addition to what you've already said, Monk's polearm and clothes look like Aang's stick and clothes lol
  2. Rainmaker Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/senjinator
  3. I have many good memories in DD1, but my favorite probably was spending many hours in the old days (2012-2013) on a friend's account trying to reach level 74 with all chars in glitterhelm insane HC and then get myth gear (and pog accs that i couldn't use cuz the level requiriments lol) in the lab assault to start playing in NMHC. But I also remember watching WAT videos, having completed the original camp on hard with only squire, that my meta builder was the summoner. And from the present day I also have good memories, like having won my first event item (NPC) in a garzhod's giveaway, having fun playing poly with great guys and helped some good defenders donating my most valuable items in a giveaway when I did a break from the game to take care of my health. Finally, thank you trendy (for creating this masterpiece), cdt, event team and the community <3 https://steamcommunity.com/id/senjinator/
  4. senjinator


    Thanks for the giveaway, Washboard! Steam: https://steampowered.com/id/senjinator
  5. I think no one else will post and i have no more items left, so i decided to finish earlier. The initial post was edited with the winners list! I chose most of the winners (I took into consideration friendship, importance to the community, debt that i was with the person etc). Please, forgive me if you haven't won any item. Again, thank you everyone for the support. I'm very proud to have been part of this comunnity <3
  6. Yes John, only you think these parkour maps are easy! If i win an event, can you raffle on discord in my honor? (dont wanna waste all my effort)
  7. I've read everything that was posted so far and wanna thank you everyone for the kind words. I'm very grateful for the support you gave me in this difficult moment that i'm facing. Please, don't worry about asking for the items here, it will be an honor for me to give my items to defenders that keeps my favorite game alive. End date changed to tomorrow (24th at 9PM EST) because i really need to go spend some time with my family. I'm very proud to have been part of this community <3 ps. some winners will be chosen by me and others will be chosen by RNG (maybe there are no items for everyone, but i'll try to make the most coherent decision with my dd1 story).
  8. Hello everyone, I'm not well IRL (i have some health problems, struggled with depression for years and it's getting worse). So, i decided to stop play DD because my real life problems really need more of my attention. That's why i'm making this giveaway. To participate, just post ANY screenshot of DD (for example, your char) and say goodbye to me, along with your top three items from the list below and your steam profile. I will choose the winners on may 24th at 9:00pm est (one prize per person, maybe two or more for some ppl) and raffle the remaining items. Sorry for any problems i caused in the past. List of items: Events (all traced): Greater Magicite of Wind Greater Magicite of Wind Mask of the Legends New Patch Celebration Mask of the Legends Celebracers Maelstrom Gaia's Last Gift Marid Waterfall Arm Guard of Lightning Ball Blaster Cinnamon + Ginger The Cavalry Ocean Death Wish Ploutonion The RainMaker Salem Black Magick Regular items: https://imgur.com/a/EXcscfM ult++ ab1 mail helmet ult++ builder mail boots ult++ builder mail chest ult++ builder mail gloves ult++ dps chain helmet ult++ dps plate boots ult++ ember crescent ult++ builder chain chest ult++ builder chain helmet ult++ builder leather gloves ult++ builder leather helmet ult++ builder plate chest ult++ upper pristine boots WINNERS: Garzhod won Arm Guard of Lightning and Greater Magicite of Wind Ace p. won Death Wish FriendlyTrees won The Cavalry Dangermoose125 won Gaia's Last Gift and Waterfall Goftthemaster won Ult++ builder plate chest Snez won Celebracers Mx won Ball Blaster and Marid Escev won Ult++ builder chain chest Lightning won Ult++ builder leather gloves John won Ult++ builder mail boots Chris won The RainMaker, Mask of the Legends and Ploutonion Billy won New Patch Celebration Surebuddy won Ult++ dps chain helmet Acepoe won Ult++ ember crescent Ubermench won Ult++ builder chain helmet, Ult++ upper pristine boots and Ult++ ab1 mail helmet Nasteboy won Ocean PhoenixExcalibur2 won Mask of the Legends Bryndomonium won Ult++ dps plate boots Bonny won Greater Magicite of Wind Poropro won Ult++ builder mail gloves and Ult++ builder mail chest Randomguy won Cinnamon + Ginger Sam won Salem Mysterious won Maelstrom Jaymuz won Black Magick Sybreed won Ult++ builder leather helmet
  9. ok, time to get serious again! 205cv on chain chest
  10. Items: https://imgur.com/a/67tFC5R (8 coals = 1cv) mischief maker - 4 coals quietus - 4 coals (gilad) ult prist helm 424^ - 2 coals (garzhod) ult prist helm 254^ - 2 coals ult prist helm 312^ - 4 coals (chris) ult prist helm 284^ - 2 coals ult leather helm 393^ - 2 coals (garzhod) ult plate chest 332^ - 4 coals (garzhod) ult+ mail chest 267^ - 4 coals ult prist chest 300^ - 4 coals (garzhod) ult mail gloves 388^ - 2 coals (garzhod) ult+ mail gloves 338^ - 2 coals ult chain boots 329^ - 2 coals ps. it's not an auction
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