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  1. We can have Christmas in July too as long as you bring Santa.
  2. Yeah I was hoping restart would fix it; immediately tried that when it happened. I ended up using a c4 shard, a few days later, to try and bump it up and the gear score corrected itself at that point. I still lost probably about 60 plain motes and some money but that is partially my fault for not noticing I was bugged and clicking again several times with the control button held down.
  3. I have a perfect 10 mod piece of gear that doesn't upgrade. It will sink your motes and money but the upgrade bar never moves. I am the dork who clicked several times with control held before I realized I was losing all my motes/money and the bar wasn't moving. The other odd thing is this piece of gear was originally c3 and still says c3 up in the corner but the gear score has dropped to 13! instead of the original c3 gear score. Any response would be helpful. Thank you for your time. Springdiamond
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