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  1. solo game, dd2. 90%'s solo anyway, except when trading xD For your topic, I'm not positive, but I thought there was a one-month wait time between gem mines? so if you got it on Feb. 11, which went on to March 11, mayb try again after April. 12th? again I'm not 100% sure, I just heard it from somewhere.
  2. Then it'd go back to farming token = 300k - 500k a map with no gold bonus or loot sale. That's something I really suggest you try if you still have doubt about the price. List em 200k for 2, 300k for 2, and 400k for 2. You will see how fast each price will go. To my experience, 200k should go within a minute. 300k mayb at most a night of idling b4 bed. 400k couple nights if not more (at least on xbox, heard on pc they go slightly faster) Plus those drakenfrost weapons, which I'm not sure how well they sell on PS4, but on xbox, very easy to get 100k each for Soul & Frostfire, which u can target farm gold in those 2 weeks. that will give 400k - 600k a map very easily.
  3. oh my jesus, I'd be so rich if I play on ps4. pc and xbox have c8 price at 6 - 8m
  4. I think yours just put mine to shame xD, and very very heavily
  5. Nah. raw power is only for early-mid game, for general build. You need to have specific builds for different mutation and mob type in end game. And for raw power, you will need the mods and shards to build raw power, relic is just a container, not the essential.
  6. sounds like you just trying to push raw power DPS high. Any c7 medallion, with any quality mod for diverse power and diverse CD, will do the trick. May not even need mass destruction.
  7. Just got a 10/10 piercer servo drop yesterday. BEST DROP EVER!!!! so hyped.
  8. Altho they can't be deleted, it's a possibility that they went to scavenger, and timed out, and disappeared
  9. with the text "playerverse adding capacity, try again later" if you try to create new ones, sometimes even still so after quitting and re-launching the game
  10. this is so good and thorough, that I think I'll just copy and paste to help out future new-comers. god, MEA's too helpful everywhere.
  11. what did you place as 60m+? I think unobtainable item should be around that price top, so you probably could've left it on. (I know it's too late LOL). and if you priced something too high, u can take down item w/o paying tax by doing AP reset.
  12. Any events to make it feel special will be awesome tbh. Christmas tree was good to encourage login at the beginning, but can't expect that to work forever. Like above said, throwing in some events like bonus weekends, carnival (since CG had em b4, I imagine u can simply re-enable without programming?) etc, stuff that doesn't require much work, can still excite players here and there.
  13. They used to be attunable, but there was a bug with drain aura from attuning. I think they will put it back once they figure out how to fix the bug from effecting game play. At this time tho, not sure if they'd still bother...
  14. I think this will be a cool idea. On top of the weapon/shard drop in the upcoming update, this will give more incentive to climb as well. Two things very important to consider however: Can't have outlier becoming too OP, like the AP bonus (Nictus/Term I'm looking at u... but I know u two don't have a forum acct, so I'll call u out anyway xD ). So a cap will be needed Can't have the cap too early, otherwise people will just farm at that specific floor, and still no incentive at higher floors. I'm no judge on that, all I can do is provide some simple thinking and 2-cent number, for u'all to judge. Second point comes first, since that'll dictate the first point. First of all, the cap needs to be well over 300. Since you are on discord, u probably already heard enuf of "300's easy, it's just a matter of doing it, only not doing it cuz no incentive". I'm not saying everyone who says that can do it easily, but that gets said frequently for a reason. Cap above 300 will provide incentive to push, (and to prevent over-farming for vet player) Here comes the most important/difficult part, balance to prevent OP. This can be changed by cap, starting floor, and scaling factor. Can't have people afk maps to earn 5 times more DM just cuz they are more vet. 50-75 DM per map is where I c high enough. starting floor and scaling factor will have to coordinate on the rest. can start at floor 100, 1 DM / 10 floor, cap at floor 500-700 (I'm setting the line here just for reference, since if I say 900, that'll put a lot people off; if I say 300, that'll result too many people farming at that cap floor. From leaderboard, 5-7 seems to be the floor that cuts most people off) can start at floor 50, 1 DM / 15 floor can start at floor 1, 1 DM / 20 floor can start at floor 200, 1 DM/5 floor (All numbers are just my own opinions, by no means good, just to stir up some discussion on this topic)
  15. I'm on same side with you. However I think their discussion ask for much more out of blockade. I still use walls at 450+ and they can handle considerate amount of hits, long enuf for my DPS to kill them when they are Headstrong + Unstoppable/Frost/Berserker. Beyond the point I mentioned tho, there's really no occasion I'd use a wall, and I think that's what the thread is proposing here. Walls were designed to have a big usage in the game, for 50%+ if not all lanes in builds, whereas now, they appear rarely.
  16. I want some shark flair so bad..! I want the shark head
  17. tooltip in dd2 is known to be inaccurate, especially in multi-player
  18. Squire looks the nicest, then apprentice. may just be the angle, but com'on, I use monk and huntress, the two that look worse in comparison
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