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  1. I assume you are referring you C8 amp? They start dropping after floor 35+, drop rate will cap and stay after floor 83+, supposedly, according to CG/TE. Drop rate wise, I've found average drop rate is every 10-20 floors after 83+. When people wanna farm for c8, they would typically go between 85-88 for optimum & efficiency.
  2. Electrocute shouldn't effect "grey" health bar or taking damage. I think you accidentally proc the new combo Petrification, which can be accomplished by applying EARTH damage onto POISONED enemies.
  3. Thank you! Just did. Hope fix soon
  4. Grave Infection poison damage is still borked. Still dealing 1's and 2's as damage with all tier/quality mods. Confirmed by multiple people.
  5. Thought to bring this to attention as a separate thread, since it's still not fixed and not confirmed as known. I mentioned this on another thread as well and apparently didn't get noticed. Grave Infection poison damage still does not ticks after today's hotfix. It has been confirmed by multiple people. Currently it is only ticking to apply damage of 1's and 2's. Please let us know if you are aware of the issue.
  6. Low possibility can be greatly reduced if some rolls are just not available. For example, some will only roll as specific or 2 out of multiple shot types, same go for weights. This one I'm not sure, so ignore it if I said it wrong. I thought we could farm tier-specific gifts? no?
  7. We can go back before update and buy a stack of plain motes for 6m xD
  8. just to add one more bug to the op, as for general poison tick doesn't deal damage. Grave Infection does a bunch of damage of 1's and 2's for me atm. and the "rename" still not working. all heroes default name only.
  9. My friend crashed his car, 'cuz he tried to drive on road with not enuf practice under his belt. Afterwards, he warned everyone to stay away from cars, they are just bad stuff that hurt you.
  10. Derp LOL, I gota read more carefully next time. Skim through too fast and only picked up info I thought I needed to respond. Thx for pointing out
  11. Although not confirmed, we can speculate the drop rate resemble what we see from rerolls. It's very normal to have 100 rolls w/o 5+, 200 w/o 8+. A personal example to share, for a week I ran a test of getting 350+ Frostfire mod, the highest I got was 8/10. So if there was anything I concluded from that, is even if drop rate resemble rerolls, there is not bad luck protection in drop, as far as specific mods go. At your case, you are still pretty far from even meeting to reroll rate.
  12. just in case if you still interested. Although I could only get them to 2578 range. j
  13. Don't think there's a limit. At least I havn't heard of anyone hitting it. Edit: I will update how big I can get it to when I get home tonight
  14. Apparently I expected too much. 900 still gives no diff rewards than 90.
  15. Before and after screen shots for relics and tooltip would be helpful. Since too many factors that can effect tooltip can be overlooked.
  16. I've gone through 2 updates for DD2, and every update has never disappointed. TE/CG always manage to do a great job answering players' prayers and wishes. On top of that, they give us great content to have fun. Unreasonably brainless-pure-rng MOD drop was answered with reroll token. Boring temple was answered with a new refreshing map (although half/half on player feedback, they did listen and work hard to impress) Elemental combo's amazing! Electrocute, Freeze, PETRIFY, so much fun and many many possibilities to build. Mat Conversion: No more low-tier grind to level up everything after we done with all our AP, now we can convert those thousands of pristine motes, we earn during AP, into plain/shiny, and upgrade away. This feature can really benefit a big portion of the community who are planning to, going through, or just finishing up APs. Shard: 1000 DM per shard. This is the best feature of this update to say the least. Not for extreme-end-game players, but at least 90%+ players. No more farming required, after buying one or two heroes you desire, you are good to go for all progress! This feature will speed up new players progress by a whole lot. Lastly, C8: I find this.... amusing/misinterpreted/confusing ? can't find the word... Feed back below (not a complaint, just a thought, throwing it out there) The items that need to be more obtainable for c8 wasn't the amp part, but the material part. It was the absurd # of 250 clusters to upgrade one relic. You could always see people asking to buy pristine clusters everywhere, but barely people asking to buy c8, because the supply/demand between those 2 were so off. Some same notes if you happened to watch some streamers after update, and/or discord, people kinda got confused the material part didn't get change, but the amp part.
  17. On the stream before this "defender centric uprate", CG mentioned they would love to fix temple, but just do not have enough data/comments in order to do the fix, but they are aware of the issues. Plz provide all you can to help the community out. As for CG, all I can provide is on the post above, 04/15/2019 11:32 AM, if you had not seen before the stream (I'm not sure how at all I'm experiencing those. It confuses me as well, but hopefully it can contain at least a bit useful info). Greatly appreciated.
  18. xbox: all my heroes got back to default names, and does not allow me to "rename". so now I have 3 monks that have no way to differentiate other than memorizing their positions LOL
  19. From preview patch note, I've read there will be new weapons dropping in onslaught. Will this be the step into "rewards for high onslaught"? a step into "giving motivation to climb"? As we all know there're very few incentives to climb after you acquire your "goal min asc floor" as of right now. Many I know quit onslaught after they get the min asc they needed. The reason is simply "there's no reason to climb, you get the same thing in F 900 and F 90, and you will get stuck at 950 anyway, cuz u 'not allowed' to finish" All we know right now is there will be 30 "new" weapons. How do you think the dev will lay em out? starting f50, and a new weapon every 30 floor? starting f1, every 35 floor? How do you envision those weapons to be? special visual effects? mod effects? and most importantly, WILL THEY INCENSE PLAYERS ENOUGH TO CLIMB TO OUR POTENTIAL?
  20. Here are a few things that baffle me so much that I cannot find the reason of the lags. Data only from my own experience. 1. Mob Count: 1100+ mobs on other maps, no problem; 600 mobs on 200+ Temple = lag 2. User Interaction: same as above, 3+ lanes of swarm lanes, smooth combat w/ Frostfire & Grave; 1 swarm lane and no hero DPS = lag on 200+ Temple 3. Map Problem? : smooth combat with high mob count and hero intense DPS on 150- Temple; start to lag 200+ on even same Temple map (so weird...)(oh, u think HP? it's coming) 4. Mob HP: (deliberately tested this before AP) 1100+ mobs on 503, takes more time to kill, run smooth with hero DPS in combat ; Same defense/hero, went back to 304, less mob count, less HP, pretty much spawn kill except bosses, lag the heck outa me with basic movement, w/o even hero DPS. TL DR: Not a mob count problem; Not a hero DPS problem; Not a map problem (how does floor change make it a diff map, idk, I'm f** confused too; Not mob HP (interaction time) problem. So what the heck is it? nobody knows. Earth's 9th wonder: The Lost Temple
  21. I was thinking something like 1000: 1 ratio. Not sure if the ratio showed was something to be used, that will flood the whole market with cheap c8 amp for sure. I'm excited and curious to see what will happen !!
  22. Super HYPED for the preview stream and the update!
  23. No finger pointing nor any pressure for CG (honestly and sincerely). This is just to clarify, that many people get those msgs for a reason, not cause they gullible or impatient. ( and to back myself xD, since I'm one of those passing the info after I see em on forum/discord) Tbf, I think CG is fulfilling their promises, with a Stream this afternoon on April 12th. It's possible the update hits next week, which is not far from where they promised. (right on if out on Monday) For the update they hinted back in Feb, for March, I think they just got too busy with DDA stuff, and that was understandable. Below posted on Feb. 15th Below posted on March. 7th Below posted on March. 13th
  24. I would like to take a survey and see how many are effected by this matter. I've been shared and experienced myself temple lag greatly from 200+, but wanna get a bigger data base. We already know on both PS4, XBOX, temple lag is a map issue ( when people run smooth during combat for 1k+ mobs for all maps, but start to lag before build on temple, it a map issue ) Can PC fellows plz share whether or not you experience a lag issue on temple map for 200+ ? I appreciate all the time you take to respond. If this is an issue for all platform, it'll get noticed more and hopefully get fixed after such a long time with no official response. If it only for console, then idk, maybe hope to get enuf attention with enuf posts being made.
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