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  1. that sounds like a bug.... piercer shouldn't allow u to do that. maybe the last update broke the mods.
  2. Did u just steal my thread title yeah, love the idea, nv thought abt that, altho creates more of a power creep problem if they can figure out how to solve that. I'm currently satisfied with all those fantastic c8 shards, but I do look forward to anything as far as rewards go, when I finish gilding those good-looking c8
  3. Yes you can. Just not sure what mobs would cause you problem to piercer with auras.
  4. Would like to share my personal experiences and hopefully this can help even slightly :) I had same experience as you do, that I was able to complete 100+ and had problem with 39 at the beginning. After a few adjustments, I found Drakenkeep much much easier than temple and I liked it even more, and havn't had any problem ever since, even I've progressed much higher than before. 1. Equip burning strike (u already doing that, great ~ ) 2. use multi-projectile weapon, for example a bow with 10 shots with 2/s is 20 shots in a second, torch would be lit in less than a second easily. 3. Reroll all HS assassins, and just create a kill box for normal assassins. (If you have Barb, hot swap & turtle stance instead of reroll) 4. Turtle Build (I don't do this personally since doesn't work with my build, but I know many have had success even at very high floor) 5. Be active, pay attention to the dragon, and be there before the freeze comes I would not recommend throw tenacity on defenses just for the sake of freeze, since that's a sacrifice on your DPS and can be solved by being more attentive and active
  5. Tbh doesn't even need to be complicated. Right stick can just be used as camera rotation, like we are ALREADY DOING during combat. For some reason right stick is just disabled during placement. Left for rotating defense, right for rotating view just like in combat, should work pretty easily. (don't know if it's as easy as un-disabling right stick camera control)
  6. See it as your account leveling up. All heroes operate under your account, and will share basic characteristics such as Ancient Power, Ascension for your acct.
  7. Mods, shards, asc, are the three factors that give players power, which achieved from progression. Not surprised it's aMAYzingly hard when u take away all three factors and leave pretty much nothing left. Congrats on beating such hard challenge.
  8. Got a new goal!!! Gild all c8 shards in the game haha. Let's see how long that'll take, I look forward to it.
  9. Broken things might b fun short-term, but kills longevity of a game.
  10. Extraction requirement: Please place in a relic containing identical mod with identical quality as the disposal material, in order to extra the mod of choice. How we can win: Place in a campaign blue relic with 10/10 Anti-Melee; successfully extra a c8 10/10 Anti-Melee while keeping the c8 10/10 Defense Rate & c8 10/10 Anti-Chaos
  11. and heroes names still can't be changed, all have to stay as default still.
  12. Let's bring in some poison combo! Great, Grave Infection broke. (reported and commented on the issue on update day) April Hotfix, all poison-related mods deal proper damage now! Great, are you sur???, cuz Grave Infection still broken (reported and commented again) May Hotfix, Grave Infection deals damage now! GREAT, ARE U SURE! cuz it still broken and does 1's and 2's...... (reporting and commenting right now again........)
  13. It's not wasted. wtv on the relics still on it, the upgrades on the relic will stay. The only resource that was wasted might be a water servo, which is worth like 1m.
  14. Can't stand farming. Farmed twice for this entire game and wanted to quit every time afterwards, which is why I haven't really played any expedition after I finished early progression. Same reason for this post, when there was no indicator that I was progressing/moving up when I was playing onslaught, it started to feel a bit like farming. (even AP keeps giving new logos and new AP points and stuff every 30 floors, onslaught right now doesn't even give that for every 50s, all things stay the same)
  15. That's the plan Gwanpa. I just wanted to see if anything can be done to prevent that, for how much I would love to stay longer. The new hot fix just opened up a lot of build options, which will keep me going for another while. Guess we'll just wait and hope for the best whether CG will add anything at all.
  16. They will just disable the water servo and say that's invalid on the relic. Same thing they do on PDT relics with elements.
  17. Saw that coming my "1/10 venomous viper" and "1/10 earth servo" still on an un-upgraded relic Surprised it took em this long to change SR attunement.
  18. Some special flairs every 50/100 floors are enuf to incent me Weapons would've been good, but we already passed that, when we decided to reward f90 & f900 the same weapon.
  19. 1. Have the killing blow on the enemy to proc Boom Servo
  20. What's there anymore on Onslaught? aka, the only game mode left supposedly to be challenging (end game content?) When the update hit, I had a bit of hope that mayb this time, onslaught can be slightly more rewarding as we climb higher. Mayb some more incentive to encourage us to reach our maximum potential. But no, we still get the exact same stuff if we just play 85 - 88 over and over, compared with people at 900. I more and more can now sympathize many I know who quit. Last night was the fist time, since I started DD2, that I started to feel a bit tired. I had a semi-clear goal before my AP; a goal for the AP logo I desired; a goal for the Min Asc I wanted. Now, idk anymore. We got many cool stuff as we progressed in early stage challanges, one-and-only Hyper Shards, Defender Medals, special flairs from different modes. After all that, now I'm ready to test my potential, but what's there anymore? Gold? do expedition, don't even have winning streak in onslaught with less gold, with much harder difficulty; Mats? expedition; c8 amp/shard? cap at f83; High onslaught for cool-looking weapons? oh wait... they cap way before f83; Awesome special flairs? nvm, there isn't even any. But we can surely get more of those prestigious weapons that we have only NPC-sold less than 1000 :) I don't know whether CG just doesn't want to take care of this anymore. With implement of so many new stuff like "shard vending" "new c8 shards" "new weapon", there were many opportunities to implement stuff incrementally with onslaught (spread out weapon drop?; drop DM/gold more and more as we progress?; New flairs spread thruout entire onslaught?; higher drop rate of c8 shard as we progress?) Yet, everything is still optimized, to do em in lower content only. TL DR: I just feel like I need some good indicators to remind me where I am at, and that I'm progressing. There's a problem when people ask me where I'm at and I have no clue, cuz all I do is press "next floor". Whether thru rewards, or logos, or loot, or wtv really. update: Got a new goal!!! Gild all c8 shards in the game haha. Let's see how long that'll take, I look forward to it. and look forward to if any changes occur by the time i accomplish the goal.
  21. DD2 has a central server that keep all the data for all accounts. File a report to CG to state your post (or they may b reading it already). Altho I have no clue how that can happen... since data is processed at central server not at local, whether or not the purchase was made at time of crash, when you log in, you will automatically sync to central data. "Worst case" is CG will roll back your acct before your purchase, so you will have your gems back, and you just have to make the purchase again.
  22. Likely a net issue, since I was playing with friends all weekend and no lag was present then. Try switching to cable if u are using wifi. Try switching region you play in and see if any change. Try contacting your net company, can be their end of portal issue. Try upgrading your net program, if u running one of the low speed. Try a different net company... A new Xbox?
  23. No. 286 reroll protection is not mod specific, nor time specific, nor pre-roll quality/tier specific. So you can roll a different 1/10 mod every day, and on the 286 day, on the 286th roll, you should get a 10/10 regardless what it is. You can submit a report here "https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/postbug" I'm sure CG/TE keeps official record and can solve your problem.
  24. It sounds like something you should report directly as a bug report, since you should never exceed 286 rerolls b4 getting level 10. Many have confirmed this feature on multuple platforms multiple times.
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