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  1. U can join official DD2 discord. Many ppl watched em stream. and they did, I think, more than one map like that w/ no defense. I just didn't stick around after seeing one after I saw it was doable.
  2. I honestly expected a "nerf" to scaled damage from day one when Frostfire came out xD It's OP because it's fixed damage and does not scale off of anything from heroes or towers. Two people did f200 W/ zero defense fully relying on heroes weapon mods. I wouldn't doubt players now can just cheese into f300 w/ just good weapon mods w/o any good defense, in a tower defense game lol
  3. This is what I guess, the process went Expectation: Dec. - Feb. → Develop ; First 1/2 of Mar. → Testing ; Second 1/2 of Mar. - Balancing ; end of Mar. → Release update Reality: Dec. - Feb → DDA ; First 1/2 of Mar. → DDA ; second 1/2 of Mar. - Develop ; End of Mar. → crap, let's extend the deadline, more develop ; first 1/2 of Apr. → Develop ; Apr. 16th → we gota stick to the rule and Test+Balance b4 release ; Apr. 17th → Release update
  4. just realized how long I wrote. TL DR version below There's clearly something wrong when some ppl think the game is way afkably easy and no challenging content; and some ppl think the game is too hard and they have to farm crazy in order to progress. Seeing DD2 should have same difficulty level across different computers/consoles, Mayb the 2 end of people complaining, can have a discussion together, and both benefit and find the approach they enjoy the most.
  5. I've had dislikes towards the bugs DD2 has, but as far as progression, I've enjoyed DD2 very much (excluding lack of end game content). After hearing so many complaints about farming and afk for DD2, I had some thoughts. Couple questions may clear out why people can have almost opposite opinions abt the game. Why do we (not) do afk-farm? why don't we choose to beat with strategy? why do we complain the game is afk-ez-level after we chose to farm to get OP item instead of challenging ourselves? or complain it's afk-ez-level while we chose to play those ez levels? All below and above just my speculation on what the devs could be thinking during developing, and do not apply to all or maybe even more than half dd2 players, but only the handful I've seen & heard. We were never meant to do those excessive farming. We were meant to use the limited shards and low-quality mods we have, to play challenging content as we progress. Using what we gain along the way and keep continuing. When we hit the cap limited by raw power due to lack of shards, better mods, ascension etc, we choose to AP reset, and while doing those resets, we gain more shards, tokens to reroll better mods, and we gain min asc to raise our power. And gain more gear, mods, shards, as we progress again. Even while doing resets, we were not "supposed to" use items out of our reach to progress, but to do it naturally. Yet, we complain the amount of gold/mat we need to farm for, in order to blast through AP, and complain it's not challenging when we choose to take the afk-farm-and-afk-play route, after making the decisions ourselves. For overall progression, we choose to farm for excessive number of hours, farm for the "Gild", for the "Green-Quality or even 10/10 MODs", for the item required at f500+ while at f100. After complaining abt the unnecessary hours of farming to acquire powerful items, we complain again abt how easy and afkable it is between f100-f500, while we were the ones deciding to go farm and then do it with easy-mode, instead of kept playing with what we had and kept the challenge on. This is not to say there is a single right way to progress, or discourage any way to progress, but to remind us, that as players we take full responsibility of our own decisions. I don’t think anyone went push for floor 100+ w/o preparation after playing only one map of c7, and did it full afk w/o breaking a sweat. Now, whether we choose to progress naturally to get there, or to farm afk-content to afk-get there, it’s our free choice to make. If we farmed, don’t complain abt afk, cuz we intentionally avoided the challenges and chose to do afk-content first to make “upcoming-challenges” afkable ; If we never farmed at all, don’t complain the game is too hard cuz we put in zero effort in leveling ourselves up. (just in case these arguments come up later, I’ll bring all possibilities out now) U did everything afk from c7 to f100 w/o any farming at all? Congrats, I now agree w/ u, and this is a game that’s below your level. U think u can do it afk, but don’t have the time to get to f100? It takes 8 min a map if it’s afk, I really don’t think 10 hours (c7 - f100) for a game is too much. It’ll feel very accomplished, and I highly recommend u try it if u’ve been afking and think everything is too easy. U farmed a lot, but still can’t afk? (assuming u want to) either farm more/harder, or get on the technical side of it, most time ppl underestimate placement and overestimate raw power. Farming, Afk, Engagement are all healthy. So is switching among all three. As long as we make the choice, and we accept what’s coming. Disclaimer: This doesn’t apply to all, and maybe only a small percentage of people that I've seen. Especially not to (extreme) end-game players.
  6. As dewkin mentioned as well, for people like me (mayb him too), it's a sense of completion of something we started, and the feeling of achievement and satisfaction from that. Mastery is a grind for sure, is there a reason to go beyond Automation Shard? was there any reason (before Tenacity ability announcement) to even reach automation? all those who did it, did it to complete the mode. To show off? sometimes really not so much, but more to finish for themselves And frankly, I've never done a single expedition (or incursion more than once) again after I reached c7 shortly (except 2 or 3 games with Term and FISK for fun). Because there is no sense of completion or progression doing expedition at all. It's a road with no end nor even starting point, and mindless repeating content (For real, exactly the same repeating content). (Ironically I was saying the other day, all that changes in Onslaught, besides mutator, is a number. and Expedition doesn't even give a number) As much as I agree and want more rewards in onslaught mode, it is the only mode (after mastery) that offers diversity in every floor I go to, all lanes always different, map always changing, challenges always coming and may catch me on surprise if not prepared. Now it's the same reason/motivation with mastery, is there any reason to go higher than 100? Absolutely no. What supports people to keep going, is the desire to complete this mode, the desire to reach player's potential (which is set by CG to be impossible, and hence this thread), and the desire to finish off the very last game mode that have yet to be finished. Very likely we're the same dumb people who just want to finish Mastery to 735 just to see that # of stars go up to fill the bar and feel completed; and the same people who do meaningless tasks just to fulfill the requirement for those achievements of games before switching; Although there are no meaning behind any game achievements of any game at all (aside from satisfaction and completion), it should never justify actions intentionally making those achievements impossible to complete.
  7. A long while ago, when DDA announcement came out, I had speculated that the wall at f945 might be removed. The GREAT WALL was implemented so that it is near impossible to finish the game, so that CG/TE could have more time to create new content for us before/while we reach the finish line. Understandble. However, now that we all know CG will fully devote themselves into DDA, is there a reason to proceed with the idea to remain dd2 as an endless-unbeatable game? The mindset right now apparently has not changed. Wall was so that ppl couldn't move after 945. Shatter combo was nerfed after few moved up some floors with the combo. Same with petrify (this one was collateral nerf from the combo itself being unreasonably OP, admittedly). Frankly, even if re-positioning The GREAT WALL at f999, and linearly scale mobs from f945 to f999, it'll still be extremely hard to beat, and probably still only 5 people will get there. I'm just curious, at this point, is there a reason to keep players from finishing the game, and keep us from moving on? (for those weirdos like me who like to finish something they started, before moving on)
  8. The thing, with better HP scaling on health stat from walls, is that, no matter what we do, at some point they will get one shotted and will be excluded. and if we scale/balance walls around those high floors, walls will become way too OP at lower floors, and one would easily hold too long. I think it's prolly ezier for CG to scale down all mobs damage output down to c7 or mayb f100 level, where walls with current stat can hold shortly, and keep em there throughout all floors. Although that will likely post another problem where hero will never die regardless of difficulty level bcuz of low damage received. (mayb only scale down on walls?) This is a hard question that require a lota thinking & rework on CG's side.
  9. Incoming new difficulty - Massacre I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII; can only be unlocked by reaching f300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900. like this?
  10. Ofc, I think everyone agrees on that when Drakenlord came out, resulting me always have a hero for the boss/map in the deck as hot swap, and I active others w/o limiting myself, which is indeed very annoying. I just dislike the concept of having a tutorial for hard counters we need to know, rather than from exploring. Just like having to counter unstoppable with Water+Storm, or HS/unstoppable mobs/bosses with Water+Ice, or Poison+Earth to drop flyers to ground. Game would give a lot less satisfactions when all hard-counter answers to mechanics are given out as tutorial. but I guess it's a personal preference thing, and ppl just have diff opinions on how the game should approach players instead of how player approaching the game.
  11. Happened couple times, but that was almost a month ago before the update. Thought they got this resolved already?
  12. idk, I would probably learn the same way I did with Draken lord (I honestly forgot how). No one would know until we try I guess. and intuitively, u've thought of the answer yourself too, u would counter Burning w/ Freeze or Ice w/ Burn by common sense, which is most likely the way devs would design the game. It's not like some weird mechanics to deal damage with boss only after fire+earth+water+poison. Edit: derp me, I just recalled there were hints actually. So likely a Fire Boss would be implemented into a volcano map I guess? with some water source and frost source inside the volcano?
  13. AP goes like this: climb for min asc → reset as soon as hitting target floor (so 30, 31, etc) → final climb or climb for min asc again → reset however many times u want as soon as u hit target floors → final climb. The last thing I would recommend anyone do is to upgrade relic(s)/gear(s) while on AP runs, for how mat consuming and gold consuming it is. (ofc, if u are rich with tons of material and swim in abundant of gold and have nothing to spend em on, by all means upgrade away). Recommend checking out Juicebag's youtube video, where he talks about throw-away relics (tradable relics) you use on every AP, in order to avoid all the mat/gold cost from upgrades, and reset efficiently.
  14. the time table I give is a rough range. a map is a map. No matter how efficient you are, you'll always spend 6-10 min on a map. And you will always have to do 10 maps per AP at beginning, 15 maps per AP after 10, and slowly to 30 maps every AP as you approach AP 30. Unless you find and willing to risk some ban-worthy hacks for running DD2 at 2 times the speed, or jump from f50 to f80 in 2 maps, there's no way around it.
  15. Gold wise: Not really, 1m - 2m gold per AP is kinda a must if you have no gild shards (if u plan to get gild shards prior to AP, u gota think abt the time part, and I don't think that's worth it personally) Time wise: Not really faster way w/o the "2x speed" option lol. Getting familiar with maps and placement of defenses can contribute a bit in efficiency. I can give you a rough time sheet for reference. AP 1 - 10: 2 hrs each AP 11-14: 3 hrs each AP 15-22: 4 hrs each AP 23-27: 4-5 hrs each AP 27+ : 5-7 hrs each Edit: One small trick I was doing during AP to save gold, was to upgrade shards 80-90% the way up instead of 100%. Last couple updates generally cost more. It's not a lot, but does add up little by little slowly.
  16. My best recommendation for that is to pray to rngesus xD If can't light with 20 shots every second with 20% proc chance on every hit. The only thing left is really pure rng, which can truly mess u up pretty big sometimes
  17. All the above + HS Assassin can be countered by Barb turtle stance. I build a kill box when I don't wanna use Barb, standing into the kill box to kill em fast enuf helps a bit as long as you don't get one-shotted.
  18. yh I heard the 3 map floor was brutal.... and no replay feature. I got in around October, I think that's after Protean Shift? some unique flair, a new section, in addition to "wings, hair, etc", have a "background", so more combo to do
  19. Sure thing. I personally wouldn't put any tenacity on my auras since it's a sacrifice on damage output. Couple things you can do, aside from building towers on cybork lanes, which is a great strat to avoid stun. 1. Placement: cyborks don't have great aggro range nor much vertical range. So placing auras above or under them, or at the side (1300+ range) will avoid being attacked by cyborks 2. Range: Hyper shard from Mastery or putting extra range shard/servo will help you out-range cyborks very easily even if u put it in front of them, since it'll take em a long walk to get to your auras/nodes to attack, and give you long enuf time to kill em b4 they stun your defenses, assuming they are under proper CC such as slow/stun. 3. Having tenacity only on reflect beam, and put everything vulnerable behind. Reflect beam with tenacity 100% will protect all defenses behind, while not having to sacrifice their damage
  20. I surely second that... for a long while players have requested an option to choose which floor we can directly go to if we solo (prevent carry). But I guess CG either just doesn't have the time or wants it to be the absurdly grinding we have now.... sadly Guess too many things to consider for em too, such as how will that effect AP, will player quit faster due to reaching limit sooner, etc. If they can figure out a way to solve the problem, I think the majority of players will be very happy.
  21. Don't start giving rewards until f150 will solve the problem :)
  22. Topic has come up many times. Challenging content is there. There's 0 people at 990+, 5 people at 900+. They are absolutely not afking, and struggle to climb even a few floors over a long period of weeks even months. Don't get why people keep playing tutorial content and ask for nerf or call the game no strat afk. Frankly, this almost feels like watching a college student do 1+1 all the time and call math worthless, asking for nerf to IQ so everyone can think 2+2 is hard. ( I honestly don't mean to be offensive lol, this is genuinely how I'm feeling rn...)
  23. That's the fascinating part of the game. We learn by trial and error, by asking questions; we pick up little by little, and excel better and better with experiences and knowledge built up. might just be me, but I personally feel a lot rewarding when I figure out and/or test out mechanics/builds myself, instead of having a handbook that walks me step by step and make the whole game a tutorial experience.
  24. when ppl are lazy to do addition and multiplication we learned in elementary school xD
  25. Just a typo, I believe he means 256% vs 160%. and the logic is called multiplication in math.
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