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  1. did u try this? when did u try it? I tried it last week and it didn't do anything for me, it didn't do anything when the update hit back then either. mayb it's some sort of bug on your platform? (i'm on xbox)
  2. sadly we've never heard any official response to fix it still. Don't think anyone knows what the issue is. 'Cause if it's mob health, we should lag at equivalent floor with high mob count/HP too, but really only at temple.
  3. This thread gives me a reminder that how many improves and new content/features CG has given out. We've gone a long way and improved so much and so quickly. Would love to see the "ultimate boss" !
  4. old problem that has been here for months.
  5. reflect beam is an explosion. Two factors you can't attune element in DD2: defenses deal damage via the form of explosion; defenses that don't deal damage by themselves.
  6. Primary attacks Pumpkin enemies. When enemy Dies explode doing 250% ability power as damage. Melee attacks against pumkined enemy increase Crit by 39% for 5 sec.
  7. Tried un-equip, re-equip, tried different slots, tried different shards; seems like wherever this weapon goes, the shards go disabled. Tbh I'm just really sad that we have bugs like this on new weapon. I got so excited when I got this light sword with good rolls on both health and swing speed. Now guess barb will have to be pushed another 3 months again. ugh
  8. wonderful idea. would love to see that!
  9. u mean as only bees? or other stuff allowed. Using only single target for maps is very hard in general. For example when getting lanes with 100+ mobs, hard to beat with only cannons, or only LSAs.
  10. I'm not as fussed about roller lane in general because I can just reroll the bad ones, as I've sit thru enuf roller lanes to able to guess which map/lane take longer to spawn or have a high possibility of having stuck rollers. The issue with LT is, 90% of the LT I play have stuck bosses/mobs somewhere in map, because there so many lanes that cause stuck bosses/mobs. When normal mobs/bosses stuck deep in those lanes, I'm okay, because I can build some LSA and/or hero DPS to kill em, although it's still additional 1 or 2 minute. With Roller, it's just impossible to kill when stuck. (For @CG reference, the lanes that often cause stuck bosses/mobs: Top water lanes, where can spawn double up to quadruple lanes; The lane that's 3 lane over to the left from water lane, (or 1 lane to the right from the double lane with low-spawn flyer); Occasionally, The most left lane (the single lane left of the double lane with low-spawn flyer); The bottom two lanes next to the high-far-spawn flyer lane (the two that used to have cross-path issue); The double lane in the cave, under the two lanes above just mentioned; Occasionally, the double lane under the dome with pathway (mid map location) Occasionally, the lane at far lower-right corner ( right hand side of the double lane under dome with pathway)
  11. From my dream lol. (The post 7 hours before yours, in response to Little Magic Cat.)
  12. No u didn't. No need to look back. I dreamed up mine xD
  13. we will be getting new content every 6 weeks
  14. I tried it last night. but for some reason my FA/Fissure/Oil Geyser didn't target the torches at all.... What platforms r u on @Little Magic Hat @Zimmermann ? Oiling the torch and rely on FA/fissure, or fully rely on oil geyser+FA/fissure didn't work for me on Xbox.
  15. 3 hornets right now can still attack the same a single target, no?
  16. I was climbing onslaught this weekend. I always reroll Siege Roller lane cuz they tend to get stuck or take very long. Before I knew it, I got a Roller lane on 2nd wave (no point to reroll since I already spent the time to build that ridiculously big map). Just as I was afraid of, last roller in lane always got stuck, and there was really no way to kill it from the front (tried, unrealistic). The despawn timer was roughly 5 minute, which made a 20 minute Lost Temple as long as 40-45 minute. I know many including myself have brought this up many times, and the devs may be annoyed already. However, this is definitely an important part of the QoL in DD2 Is there any reason at all for the despawn timer to be 5 minute every wave instead of 2 minute? It doubled the time on Temple. I can only imagine it would quadruple the time on normal maps, for those who choose not to reroll Siege Roller but have bad luck having them stuck within spawn. (I'd honestly much rather have LT removed as whole, for how many bugs and lags it has, until it's fixed, but I know that's a lot of work. Changing the timer may be a cheaper alternative)
  17. woooot... so I can just put a oil chip on any of my weapon and as long as my FAs are covering the torches?
  18. I have more than one full page of garb 10/10s, like swap AP, lifeburn AP, multiple sets holy trinity (anti, boom servo, chip) of warboar, skele, elemental chips/servos, tenacity chips, etc. The best I've got from drop is one piercer servo and one tenacity 2 weeks ago, with 1.5k+ hrs in DD2. Hang in there friend lol. What you experience is very normal, considering how many mods there are total in this game. I think that's y the reroll token system was introduced, so that people like us with average rng can still obtain the 10/10s we want.
  19. Bees are very good single target defense. I'd build em for bosses personally. Anti-Melee; Anti-Miniboss; Def Rate Mass Destruction; Destruction; Vamp
  20. Fire attunes bees into full fire magical damage, and thus apply to all DPS (2x on frosties)
  21. hailminion

    New Fire Mods

    I would suggest ignite combo has the effect of increase 15-30% damage on enemies. Based on the CC duration that Petrify can provide, while increasing damage taken by 10%. I think 15%-30% increased damage taken is a good number for Ignite/burning-State, W/ zero CC effect on mobs. How DR and/or duration of burning will be implemented is another topic, if we can get this concept rolling.
  22. I don't have the mail icon after clicking onto the three bars. I think I'm supposed to have one next to my name to, like MEA does (in my OG post SS). and mine just go straight to the notification bell for some reason.
  23. Thanks for the help! I know this may sound dumb... can u plz tell me where I can go to my inbox lol
  24. Thought there was a forum bug section, but can't seem to find it. So excuse me if I'm posting in wrong place... As title. For some odd reason I'm not allowed to send or receive message to/from anybody? Can anyone help please? i can't find the setting for that, so not sure if that's a bug on the forum. Thanks MEA for all the screenshots and helping out :)
  25. Yas! Plz! MORE DMs!!! Right now if we reroll 225 quest, and play 3 hrs weekly, we can only get 10k DM every three weeks on average..... Please bump that to 10k+ DM every 2 weeks if we play 3 hrs+ weekly !!!!
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