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  1. 1. I've played on all servers. EU & US W I have slight lag in all maps, where in temple it's worse. I think that's a region problem, since I live in US E. (hence I nv go out of US E unless server issue) 2. I start lagging once I load into the LT map w/o any enemies in map at all. Once I pass around f200 I start to feel the lag, very noticable after 300. The lag increase significantly from there, until almost un-movable later on. 3. All other maps with higher mob HP, or higher mob count are smooth in combat. In temple, lag in build phase. Most time can barely move in combat.
  2. yh I'm entering a state where I more and more wanna stop playing because of how bad Temple lag on Xbox, along with the pathing issue. If it was just lag, I could at least pick one difficulty lane and hold down LT. The pathing issue gives leak mobs/flyers 50% the time, and it's almost impossible to move on Xbox during combat phase. Not to mention when I want to move around map to look at multiple difficult lanes, which we should be able to do. It's extremely frustrating to have non-player-side issues to cause leaks; and more non-player-side issues to stop players from fixing those leaks, making LT a true tower defense game w/o the RPG factor.
  3. I think CG wanna share EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in the upcoming "end game" update.
  4. I don't farm, can't sit thru doing the exact same thing over and over. I can only do a lota onslaught cuz each floor it changes map, mobs, mutations, builds. Kinda like what I mentioned in my first comment. I've played this game for like 8 months ish? I havn't done any expedition for 7 months, and that's how long I havn't seen any map name....
  5. cuz totem and medallion are both relics. u can put a totem into a "medallion slot", or a medallion into a "totem slot". glove can't go into helmet slot tho. yh, I agree, it will make things easier. As far as a reasonable price, Right now mods are 5m for those expensive chips like healthy power damage buff? and 2m is 2000 DM, so maybe 2500 DM to move mod across different piece? so take like 50% as "translating" cost.
  6. My expectation for the game: something completely different, that doesn't set current players effort to waste. Don't start off a mode called end game and have nothing to do with mastery, onslaught, ancient power at all, and turn the other modes to dead ones. Admittedly I'm a bit selfish here for older players. Rewards. It will honestly need to be special, instead of simple double loot gold etc. It will feel nice, but that kinda just turns the mode into a better farming mode. I can't find a solution to that, but Lawlta did mention the rewards will be awesome, so I think it's something they have plans on, and will definitely work great. Content wise... something with different difficulties, and make highest one "almost" unbeatable? I just don't know how that will co-exist with onslaught (current end game), but guess devs will need to figure that part out w/o making onslaught a dead mode.
  7. If i'm allowed to reroll swarm lanes and do moderate to small lanes for map, i think it's doable.
  8. can see so many strat with that! ultimate turtle build. can close to doubling the duration of dps for damaging tower. deserve to b top on the list.
  9. I'm definitely in. 1 dust = 10 DM. About time those 2k c7 dust turn into 2 gilded rate
  10. yep! called entranchess, located at the far corner in tavern, next to portal in market place. She allows u to convert c7 mat down to any lower tier mat. so if u do 20 AP in a row, not even 30. All u need is really to gather 45 motes each AP, and 5 craft mat each AP. by the time u done AP, u'll have enuf mat to upgrade all your stuff back up. a little math here, craft mat is easier so we leave it out of equation. 5 motes per map, 10 map/AP at beginning, 30 towards AP 30, so avg it to 20 maps / AP. that's 100 motes per AP at least. so u can get enuf mat to upgrade all your gear + 3 relic back up in 5 AP. If u do 20 AP+, u will be in a surplus.
  11. I would be very happy if they do show. All they show is onslaught - XXX floor. would be nice if they do the screenshot u posted and put the map name on top.
  12. 1 amp of each tier, 40 plain motes, 50 shiney motes, 4 ruby clusters, 20 pristine motes and 2 citrine per relic per reset. so u'd be looking at 8*40 plain, 8*50 shiny, 8*20 pristine motes, + those gear specific material. If u disturbed horribly by the grind, I think potentially there are one or 2 things u can do to ease up the grind, which most people do. 1. Do not do AP in a pattern of push/reset/push/reset. U want to do one push, and then AP spam until u don't feel like keep doing it and wanna switch up, in order to maximize resource efficiency. since every time u decide to push high, u need to upgrade. 2. utilize the mat-exchange system. If u utilize above two points, for example u decide to do 30 APs in a row, by the end of that round of AP, u will need 900 motes & say 100 specific total craft mat. it's very likely u've gathered more than enuf of mat and gold from doing the APs alone, and avoid farming/grinding.
  13. Only two short periods can I recall, that I actually had a glimpse of what map I was playing. Once was the first couple weeks of games when I progressed into c7 and stayed there for a bit. The other was 1 week of Mastery, where I had multiple looks into both maps and their names. But compared to how long I've played (8 months now), that's just 5% of the time... and both are really early on in period.
  14. plz don't hate... I understand this is a dumb and lazy request, which can easily be solved by spending 10 minute a day reading though all maps once couple days. It's just... more convenient... For the past half a year, I've been communicating w/ other players using description of the map instead of 2/3-word map names. For wtv reason, after today's incident, i wanted to make the suggestion, altho it has happened many times. Thx cyro for helping out :)
  15. Definitely agree DDA should have proper stacking features, which dd2 currently lacking. Sorting wise... dd2 has the feature currently. Collect by type. Sort by type (weapon, then helmet, then boot, then relic etc), all mat sort by type and tiers. and all type are auto-sorted by tier (orange, then purple, the blue etc) and under all those, all are sorted by gear score, which mainly is determined by stat, like armor, defense power, etc. If people don't wanna organize bags in a loot game, I think they will quit DD1 and DDA too, not a DD2 thing. DD2 does have the pay-to-get inventory thing, which JAW elaborated well.
  16. In last Friday stream, Lawlta mentioned CGs developing "end game" and has had good feed back. Apparently it's still in progress and far from finish, so voicing what we expect may still be able to impact on how CG designs it, or steer existing concepts towards a certain direction. I've seen many players stating they enjoyed DD1 end game content very much. Can CG possibly draw inspiration from there? Share what u think will come to serve as DD2 END GAME !!! (Let's be realistic on that and keep it to this topic only, so this can successfully convey to CG what the community expects to see)
  17. @CrusadeR@DD2 I find Lost Temple having that problem more. I spend 10% the time lighting torches in Keep (a wave is like 2 min, takes 5s to light 2 adjacent torches, and 4 waves of freeze I get the most per wave) While Lost Temple, I spend 30% time running across the map, 40% on lag, 30% on mobs running off their paths, and 0% most time on actual any lanes at all. I'm definitely with you for what you are saying and completely agree the concept. However, if anything, Lost Temple needs to go before Draken Keep, for how many problems players have reported for the map, which still havn't been fixed for over half a year. At least Keep we can get moving faster, learning the freeze mechanic and react to it better, and contribute more time in lanes. There's no fix on players' side for LT.
  18. That would be brutal.... lol can't imagine it has any gating. I do look much forward to the content, difficulty, reward, and replayability
  19. Make sure u have enuf range on your SGT. I run a range mod + range shard on SGT, which gives me 6000+ range, can deal with any flyer lanes very well.
  20. I love using SGT much more bcuz its superior range. Personal preference from me, b > a
  21. That's when I should start reading some books for hax xD
  22. First, they don't need to enter any cost. All they had to do to avoid being at the corner they are at right now, is "additional cost may apply to all location, cost to be decided" Second, if u use eBay at all, seller never know buyers' locations, but all cost are included. How do they do it? They spend one minute on google to look up shipping cost to a few different locations and pick a price they feel comfortable. Depending on the destination, they either lose a bit or earn a bit, which at the big scheme of things, will even out to a small percentage that doesn't matter. Third, if u r implying they ignored the red text msg "know the shipping cost before launch" and chose to do otherwise, it's a choice I cannot sympathize. It's there for a reason. ( I remember many including both of us could never sympathize people who don't read instruction and blame the devs on design. There are consequences, which they chose to take on when skipping alerts. It's the same here. I simply cannot have double standard just because how much I like CG's games. That is even if I believe a company (planning to raise the money, they need direly, to make progress freely) chooses to ignore the instruction of the very process they are going through for the fundraising)
  23. Go try to start a KS and get back to me on this. If everyone, before talking, would try it for real, instead of sitting down and thinking with no facts behind, they may think differently. (I believe someone else has brought this up before) When you enter reward for pledge, it specifically asks you to enter the shipping cost. You simply CANNOT skip this step, in order to create the reward tier. Ofc, even after the prompt, u can choose to not enter it and let people think they don't need to pay for shipping :) I'm not sure how you define words. But in my dictionary, knowing and saying otherwise = lying; knowing and not telling = hiding. As I said in previous post, it was never about the amount of money. Edit: Just in case wrong msg gets across. Do I believe in CG? yes I do. I have great faith in CG. I also do believe in DDA will be great game and have high hope, regardless what happened(s). Do I believe they didn't know about shipping and need a f*ing time machine to figure that out? No, I do not.
  24. As much as I'd like to agree, a high-standard bar on feedbacks may not always serve best results (Both player and the game) Yes the devs MAY know the KS didn't go smooth. But do u think they know if no one spoke? and honestly, do u think they would take it to the same extent of seriousness if only a couple people spoke with pure rational and "constructive advice"? A 50$ fine just doesn't work the same as 50000$ fine to prevent certain acts. It's sad, but it's the reality. 1000 people nonsense protest, bring more attention and future warning/prevention, than 10 people rational arguments. That is also reality. In my interpretation, all those posts around KS, didn't mean to bring attention to devs, that ppl did't like it. Devs already knew with one post. They were to bring attention to how many, and how bad, ppl didn't like it. My take on intentions of those threads is, "I can deal with hiding additional cost once, but I'm not happy. Twice, u lose mayb not just 1% players, mayb 20% including me" (that's why I focus on the feedback as negative and positive, other than the logic behind the feedback; when we close out feedbacks on ppl w/ diff logics than us (no right or wrong), we shut them out, and that's a loss no matter how we approach it. Altho I do agree it's an easier way to deal with things)
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