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  1. Oh wow, didn't know abt the draken aura and assassin part. That's very good to know! thx for testing for us.
  2. Gilding is expected to be a very end game thing, and to be done gradually thru progression, from highest to lowest priority based on personal preference. It's not something to do all at once. Same advice as I've given for other aspects of the game, it's a progression game, one step at a time, one shard at a time. Altho it's not how we like tings done, it more often than not ends up being counter productive, trying to take one huge step straight to destination.
  3. I think u can just pause and mute the vid. It's just mods and shards for setup u r looking for anyway, all graphic, which is the same across all platform and regions.
  4. Go to expedition after campaign. Go through C1-C7 Once u achieve C7, u have acquired some knowledge of the game. U can now go into mastery, onslaught etc, and research about Ancient Power system & Hyper Shards
  5. short explanation is, don't pay attention to those. just look at your Minimum Ascension gain, and Talent Tap gain. Nothing is wrong with info dispalyed.
  6. It seems like u not aware yet Ayrtonahfook, U can spend 1k DMs to buy any shard desired, which is 43 maps of any sort, or 2 dailies (dependent on 300 or 450) plus a few. Tip: Progress normally thru the game, play expedition, climb floors, do APs, your DMs will pile up the longer you play. It's counter productive to farm for the bling bling when u not at the stage that requires them. (For example u could've done 3 ~ 4 AP with the time farming those 2 shards, which yields a much higher gold per map, progression & power, as well as gold & Exp bonus)
  7. Depending on your purpose, if u looking to main RB, refer to Exglint's post. But it sounds like u main FA, if that's the case, u don't need to do anything for RB. It's generally best interest to main only one DPS, rest as assistant, due to limited resource.
  8. All listed from favorite and most used to less. (all personal preference, by no means am I stating that's the only path) Active hero: monk, barb, EV2, dryad Defenses: FA, LSA, BA, WM, FBT, Cannon, PDT, SGT, RB, ballista, proton, obelisk. Juicebag have defense spotlights vids for MODs & shards for all the above. Only thing he doesn't have ( I think, iirc) is bait obelisk, below is mine for reference. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/592728587917066242/595081020194422811/unknown.png
  9. I don't think u can lose progression locally, playing an online-central-server-based game. There's nothing saved on local drive to lose.
  10. I know u don't wanna hear this... but.... Juicebag has mods/shards build for everything u listed, literally. Same to address water shock WM, he has videos for poison & earth Petrify WM. Those builds will push you well over F300, assuming u can put together one or two C8 0/5, or one or two gilded shards.
  11. OMG, SQUIRE AND APPRENTICE LOOK SO DAMN GOOD IN BOTH GOLD & CRYSTALLINE. Gold monk's awesome looking too. rip huntress.
  12. 100% agreed! That's literally the most important thing. I couldn't think of anything to make it re-playable w/o adding too much rng to chests for pet rewards etc, so I just put in unique drop from that mode for those reroll mat and protection mat so ppl have something to replay it for... Just gota make it super challenging and make rewards good, so that it's not becoming another afk farm mode with useless Roller & DrakenLord
  13. I can offer u 3 C8 amp for anti-miniboss. 10 C8 amp for defense rate or anti-melee. 7 C8 amp for tenacity. DM me if interested. Edit: or pristine token in equal value. discuss amount in DM if interested.
  14. I'm not sure if there will be any gating, considering AP is optional (so can't make that); asc is not reliable either; Gearscore is almost irrelevant to your power after 8200 ish. I'm guessing, difficulty will be the only gating. That being said, I really hope the content will have various difficulties, so that not some players find it impossibly difficult, while at the same time, not some players disappointingly find it full afk. Rewards wise. We are powerful as we are now, so I doubt they will give us more item as far as power creep. I'm guessing some super awesome flairs and pets that drops in chests? kinda like those new weapons we had last update. Mayb some unique "Reroll mat" that allows us to reroll secondary stat, or shot type etc, so we can all use the weapon skin we like, while maintaining same play style; or some unique "tinker proetction mat" that only drops from max difficulty to protect loot from destruction
  15. Upgrading to 1/5 won't up MOD quality. Did u check your MOD tiers prior to upgrade? It's always important to double check they are c7 when u r trying to up a relic from C7 to C8. If u had a c6 shown previously, it'd only turn into c7 MOD with c8 relic. (irrelevant but useful info, in case u not aware, it takes max 286 rerolls for a MOD to become 10/10, fewer if lucky, altho very rare) Only way to fix it is to do AP and even out all MOD tiers to match relic tiers
  16. I got a whole bag of frostfire (50+) for 150k each, and it takes whole day to sell a few. just FYI.
  17. u can only gift at point of purchase, or buy directly with 2nd acct. Once purchase is finished, u cannot gift premium currency.
  18. I wouldn't mind things being harder to get, I just want to be able to get it with effort. The 10/10s changes were good move and intention imo, but I do agree they might've taken it a bit too far. They just need to find a good balance. 'cuz without the reroll system, I wouldn't have had even one single 10/10 tenacity or anti-melee with 1.5k+ hrs, which lucky few have gotten even b4 getting to c7. I'm fine as long as, the dedicated are actually getting, instead of only the lucky getting regardless of the dedicated part.
  19. Just give us an option at Professor Protean shop, 10/10 upgrading tool; put in "858 motes + 286 tokens"; spend 3.15m; turn any MOD into a 10/10 MOD. That will satisfy players, and most importantly, as well as devs extremely limited time.
  20. Have always wanted a feature like "auto-reroll until X/10". Would be nice indeed. current feature is pretty taxing. Probably won't happen for the next update or two, since they gota work full force for "end game" update. Maybe after entering maintenance phase after DDA launch, they can work on user interface, smaller stuff like this.
  21. Min asc is affected ONLY by highest floor and highest asc achieved EVER. so u don't wanna waste your time pushing for min asc every time u AP. U wanna limit ur push as few as possible (min asc is your focus on push, not on AP), preferably once or twice. While doing AP, u wanna get to only the minimum requirement needed to AP, and do not look at your min asc or talent cap gain, turning AP spam into a push.
  22. @Jaws_420 @Rentard step 4 adjusted per comments normally it takes players average 1~1.5 month to reach floor 100, due to huge learning curve and lack of knowledge at the beginning. It's generally very hard for players, one month in the game, to earn 1 billion gold w/o specific farming or extreme lucks. I can see where u are coming from if everyone around u has pretty good luck and get 1 billion gold shortly after entering the game. I still hold the believe however, that majority of players don't cap their gold in DD2 with just couple months in the game. Besides, having more than 10-20m b4 resetting won't really benefit u much at all. 1 bil will just sit there, and u still end up spending 10-20m top following steps.
  23. The suggestions are so that u don't need to farm for anything :) all mat/gold needed can be gained while progressing normally, by following the "correct" tips and achieve higher efficiency by eliminating farming at all.
  24. Removing 1-27 doesn't do anything.... not like we lose anything doing 1-27. Only difference between doing 5-35 and 30-60 is u start with diff relics, and diff but matching difficulty, they just cancel each other out. I spawn kill almost everything under floor 400 if u let me keep my gear, just saying. I know plenty can apply the same for floor 200-. That's a very unfair advantage against average players. Regardless whether u wanna keep AP floor range at 50-80, or raise it to 150-180. I agree to this, by adding "gold & mat cost" like u suggested. Many end game people at c8 max refuse to reset for this very reason for the absurd amount of mat grind behind. Speaking fairly, it sounds like u are a high end player since everything u propose here will benefit us, but not the majority, and that's what the systems mainly balanced on, average players. Average players have an easier time doing 1-30 than 50-80, becuz after 30, difficulty scales up while relics stay at a set level. (that's why I suggested up to AP20, since higher implies higher difficulty) Average players may have just a slightly easier time w/o gear resetting; while we can just spawn kill everything, and increase the gap between us and them further more, instead of everyone standing at same level for the system. Average players don't have a bunch 10/10 gears to level back on after AP grind, or a bunch max C8 to worry about, only top players do. 【Average players are lucky when they have 5 pieces of 9/10+ worthy to level back up, which take 8 stack motes, with mat-exchange-system, u get those mat to level back up 5+ gears in just 5 AP, if u do more than 10 AP, u r in a huge surplus more than double. People with more pieces than tht are mostly very very end-game】 Now I'm not saying we don't deserve to be cared about. I'd be thrilled if they do those changes and do take care of us loyal players who've been with DD2 for a long time, but only if they can keep the balance they currently have, instead of slanting a one-for-all system towards end-game players only. After all, CG wants to attract and keep new players. Anyway, let's keep AP discussion in another thread, and please leave this thread for its original purpose --- Giving suggestions to new-coming players for Ancient Power.
  25. tbh I don't consider that cheating, although I did think abt that before. AP resetting gear is so that when we progress again, we still feel the challenge, otherwise we'd be one shotting everything. Tradable relics are still from natural drops w/o tinker, at a power level matching difficulty, fitting game design's intention. For ppl who don't wanna "cheat", they of course are welcome to find buyers to sell relics for a fair price before AP again ( say 1m total ). After c7 when they need new relics, they can spend some money ( maybe total 1.5m ), and buy some good relics from other players who don't need those or wanna make money off of. Admittedly, there are economical benefits for the latter, for the community as far as currency/loot flow. At the great scheme of thing though, I didn't think doing the latter would contribute noticeable significance, (in other words don't really do whole lots more good than the former, for both community and players), and hence the suggestion.
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