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  1. I assume you are referring you C8 amp? They start dropping after floor 35+, drop rate will cap and stay after floor 83+, supposedly, according to CG/TE. Drop rate wise, I've found average drop rate is every 10-20 floors after 83+. When people wanna farm for c8, they would typically go between 85-88 for optimum & efficiency.
  2. Electrocute shouldn't effect "grey" health bar or taking damage. I think you accidentally proc the new combo Petrification, which can be accomplished by applying EARTH damage onto POISONED enemies.
  3. Yes, the conversion is intended. You will notice the material to reroll for shiny is 5, while 2 for plain, 3 for pristine. I think CG took into acct the complaints from players where shiny cost didn't make much sense. CG's not against multi-boxing (although they did say limit to 2 in total maximum). What you should be careful about however, is, if you are running multiple STEAM accts on same machine, it is against STEAM regulation, which could lead to ban consequence potentially. If you run multiple acct on multiple (different) PCs, then you should be golden, since you won't be violating neither STEAM nor CG; If you violate STEAM regulation, it's more likely to get STEAM acct banned rather than DD2 acct banned.
  4. Thank you! Just did. Hope fix soon
  5. Grave Infection poison damage is still borked. Still dealing 1's and 2's as damage with all tier/quality mods. Confirmed by multiple people.
  6. Thought to bring this to attention as a separate thread, since it's still not fixed and not confirmed as known. I mentioned this on another thread as well and apparently didn't get noticed. Grave Infection poison damage still does not ticks after today's hotfix. It has been confirmed by multiple people. Currently it is only ticking to apply damage of 1's and 2's. Please let us know if you are aware of the issue.
  7. Low possibility can be greatly reduced if some rolls are just not available. For example, some will only roll as specific or 2 out of multiple shot types, same go for weights. This one I'm not sure, so ignore it if I said it wrong. I thought we could farm tier-specific gifts? no?
  8. We can go back before update and buy a stack of plain motes for 6m xD
  9. so! so far my prediction has been correct! (I'm just so good at this :v) Message below indicates, until "additional ways for backers to modify their tiers" is achieved, they "cannot get the surveys sent out". 5 - 9 more weeks until we get the rewards. (refer to original post for the prediction reasoning) @dizzydiana I think this is a confirmation that, this upcoming store, is a "2nd KS", not the backerstore.
  10. just to add one more bug to the op, as for general poison tick doesn't deal damage. Grave Infection does a bunch of damage of 1's and 2's for me atm. and the "rename" still not working. all heroes default name only.
  11. My friend crashed his car, 'cuz he tried to drive on road with not enuf practice under his belt. Afterwards, he warned everyone to stay away from cars, they are just bad stuff that hurt you.
  12. Derp LOL, I gota read more carefully next time. Skim through too fast and only picked up info I thought I needed to respond. Thx for pointing out
  13. Although not confirmed, we can speculate the drop rate resemble what we see from rerolls. It's very normal to have 100 rolls w/o 5+, 200 w/o 8+. A personal example to share, for a week I ran a test of getting 350+ Frostfire mod, the highest I got was 8/10. So if there was anything I concluded from that, is even if drop rate resemble rerolls, there is not bad luck protection in drop, as far as specific mods go. At your case, you are still pretty far from even meeting to reroll rate.
  14. just in case if you still interested. Although I could only get them to 2578 range. j
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