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  1. Wtf kind of reasoning is that? You're literally encouraging dishonest and toxic behavior...
  2. This map is way too frustrating and annoying in Onslaught.
  3. I suspect someone will tell you that you can just reroll, but honestly, that's a really flawed argument in term of farming. Reroll and lose the streak bonus shard pack? That's not an option. And I'm not really arguing anything. I just don't like that shard farming, especially if you're trying to gild shards, requires literally thousands, and probably more, runs through low level content. At that point, chaining that content had better allow me to engage minimally with the game so I can do other things, or it's just not worth doing. It was tolerable before because, as I said, I could get work done while just tabbing in hitting "g" every couple minutes, or running and one shotting a siege roller. Now, I have to check whether there's a Drakenlord as well. It makes something that was already horrendously tedious into something even more horrendously tedious, and I think that's a negative for this specific thing. I'm saying a pretty narrow thing that's not even directly about the drakenlord.
  4. I don't think there's a compiled list of the changes anywhere. Your best bet is to dig through patch announcements on the game blog.
  5. Honestly I really don't like the Drakenlord at lower levels. The last thing I want when I'm chain running c4s for shards is to have to engage more with the game. I want to do as little as possible so I can multitask and do more productive things while taking on the utterly sisyphean task that is gilding shards.
  6. Rng doesn’t work like this though, the % chance to get said shard would always remain at 3.03% each time. Completing more games doesn’t cause the % chance to raise whatsoever, what it does do is give you more chances for that 3.03% rarity however. That calculator will never give you an accurate estimate of when the shard will drop, because it can’t really correctly predict that. What? That calculator isn't meant to give you an "accurate estimate of when the shard will drop". It's just expressing the mathematical probability of rolling a particular number out of a range of 1 and 33. I'm not saying your chance of getting a given outcome goes up with each attempt, or that you're guaranteed to get a shard by your 150th attempt. That's not even remotely what that represents... Literally all I did was replace 1-(32/33)^n=99/100, where n is the number of attempts, with an automatic tool I found online because I couldn't find a calculator. The point I was trying to make is that since you need to open ~150 c4 shards to have a 99% theoretical probability of getting one defense rate, it's extremely doubtful OP has gone through a sample size large enough to show it's "obvious" that certain shards have lower drop chances than others.
  7. It would be great if we could move heroes around in the quick browse hero picker menu. Right now it defaults to just order they're created in. I'd like to be able to lump all of my heroes of a particular type together so it's easier to go through and select different heroes. For example, lumping my heroes built for fighting in one cluster and having all defense build monks together. Thanks.
  8. It's not even remotely obvious. To use a defense rate shard as an example, you have a one in 33 chance of getting a shard. If every shard has the same chance of dropping, then you have an around 3.03% chance of getting a defense rate shard, or any other shard. According to this handy dandy online drop chance calculator (https://dropchance.guru/?percent=3), it'd statistically take ~151 attempts to approach a 99% chance to get something with a 3% chance to drop, or ~76 attempts to approach a 90% chance.
  9. I agree, things can always be better, but this thread is targeting mod rerolls, something we just got and in less than a week are already crying wolf about chances at getting certain mod qualities. Unless I'm missing something I do not believe it possible to have already gotten over 1000 tokens to get a halfway decent look at chances much less 5000 or 10k. Lawlta said Trendy is looking into it so that's great but I notice that every patch is always this knee jerk reaction from the community and they haven't had the time to do the requisite testing on the thing yet. Yeah, that's fair.
  10. One dumb incident in a game with very little toxicity and stupidity in the community and you wish you'd never reset?
  11. While shard farming is probably my biggest issue with the game right now (since I'm still stuck in it), I don't know how you can say this with a straight face. Shard drops suck when you're looking to get only one shard out of 25+ available in a chaos tier, but that doesn't mean they're burying your chance of getting that defense rate shard. It just means you're having bad luck and the dice rolls behind the scenes aren't going in your favor.
  12. I get that this is supposed to be a grindy game, but excessive grind is tedious, not challenging. Even if it's better than it was in the past, when there was no reason to grind at all, that doesn't mean it's good now. It just means it's less lame. The answer to content droughts isn't to put in systems where you get a chance at an incremental upgrade every ten+ hours of active gameplay. I think the devs are moving the game in the right direction, and have been for the last several updates, but the game certainly isn't in a good place right now.
  13. I messed up and tinkered a c4 mod onto a c7 relic. Is there any way I can upgrade the c4 mod to c7 level without losing the other mods?
  14. I currently have a gem mine active. If I purchase the new Frosty gem mine, will I get 200 per day or will it extend my gem mine for antoher 30 days? Thanks.
  15. Devs have consistently updated the game every few months and they've held to that pattern for years. They also stream on Twitch every Friday. They're far from dead and for the most part the game has only been getting better.
  16. The fullscreen and windowed fullscreen have never worked properly for me. In both modes my taskbar at the bottom still shows up; in fullscreen, the game cuts the game window above the taskbar and in windowed, it extends to the bottom, but the taskbar displays over the bottom of the game window. Alt+tabbing also functions weirdly in both modes. I gave up and run the game in a window.
  17. In the last 160 or so C3 maps I've run (more than 250 C3 shards opened), I haven't seen a single defense range shard. Something has to give with the shard drop system.
  18. No, you can have 100% crit chance builds now. Onslaught will not drop gear higher than C7 but has a slight chance of dropping C8 ampoules in victory chests after floor 30 for upgrading to C8. It´s very expensive in gold and mats. Drop rate for C8 ampoules peak at floor 83. They are somewhat rare though. Awesome, thanks.
  19. How do I stack the items in my inventory on the shop screen? I can't seem to manipulate the mats to stack. You go into the edit shop mode, then you move the items around in your inventory instead of moving them to the slots to sell them. Let me see if i can attach a picture to clarify it.... Attempt to stack items in player shop Successful stacking of items Assuming that the pictures posted properly, that should clarify things.... Ugh that doesn't work for me. Manually stacking items from my inventory to a bank vault does, though. Thanks
  20. How do I stack the items in my inventory on the shop screen? I can't seem to manipulate the mats to stack.
  21. I had a day off and I'm on my 25th repeat of a map to get that one freaking shard I need. I still haven't gotten a single one. Please T_T.
  22. Are defenses still crit chance capped at 33%? Does Onslaught eventually drop better gear than Chaos VII-ish gear, or is that the highest level that drops generally, and I need to upgrade after that? Thanks!
  23. I have a lot of mats that are taking up individual slots in my inventory. Sometimes they stack, but several of them just end up sitting by themselves taking up a slot. I submitted a bug report, but I'm wondering if this happens to anyone else as well. You can see the four shiny motes, Chaos III ampoules sitting by themselves, and the Plain Rings sitting in three stacks of two. Thanks.
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