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  1. How reset is handled. Tower Defense. Especially with so many heroes and special enemys. But with every defense you like to use you multiply the resource costs after a reset. Every shard. Every character. This is just BS. So much possibilitys and so many reasons what makes it harder to use them.
  2. Exglint , i see your points. But do you think that nothing is wrong with the material bank? Edit: I say when the higher capacity of the material bank has finally use, somewhere mid 2019 probably. When i have to throw shards away because everything else is full.
  3. Jaws, like you say, it is a free game, and i don 't wanna lay out my feelings here about the storage system overall. Buying normal storage since the game is still getting more stuff and all is ok for me, even when the shards are probably just made to make people buy storage. But that material storage side is something else. it is just wrong, it needs more then what it is now. I still feel like i was tricked from some street scammer. <.< That can't be was trendy want to sell. Anyone a idea how i could reach someone important with that issue?
  4. Okielos Do you mean you get just tencity-10 mods or you want them? The highest mods i get are mostly tenacity <-< And then som chaos3 stuff. Are we talking about these both traders that have like 8-9 modless and 1-2 blue items?
  5. Greetings, in don't wanna be rude to anyone, but this has to be a joke. What was the price of it? 14XX diamants? More then 10€? This cost more then 2 bank storage sides. You get less then one side storage, limited to specific items. And the only use, making space in the inventory, IS NOT WORKING cause it still has to be collected trough the inventoy itself. If i miss sometthing that does not let me use the whole functioniality of this, please enlighten me. But else, this has to be nothing else then a scam. ------- I do like all the DD's and paid a lot for each and any of it, and i liked it
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