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  1. How do I get the sword arm on the new skin? Got it on day one and thought it would be legendary cosmetic but it wasnt.. am I missing something?
  2. I'm all for this idea as well, allow non-upgraded shards to stack.. Saving for 4 or more shards to guild can and will take up a whole bag slot. I understand that trendy is making their money off cash buys for extra bag slots but I'm maxed on bag slots and I'm still finding it to be an issue when it comes to holding onto shards that I know I need to guild but being put in a position of determining which one is more valuable.
  3. At the war table, when picking your chaos level and map, press the select button or equivalent. Press your button for create game and select private game.
  4. My issue with the game is the amount of time you need to put in the game to farm for motes in order to progress in an orderly fashion. I'm now on my 12th reset and find myself typing this while farming low tier chaos for plain motes. You spend about 5 minutes per match for 5 motes, 6 if you're lucky enough to get a gold chest at the end of a solo run. The game requires 40 motes per item to up grade completely through the tiers where they're no longer needed.. and one amp. The amps, other than C2, drops like crazy and we all should have a stockpile of them. 40 motes, 1 amp and a ton of gold. Doesn't add up to me. My solution: Either make it to where motes drop every wave, not just the first two and limited to 5 per match.. Or have the mote drop continue on to the next tier. C1-3 = Plain motes. C4-6 = Shiny and Plain motes. C7 and Floors 33+ = Pristine, Shiny and Plain. (still not limited to 5.) And Finally for the one I would love to see incorporated, create an exchange station. Still having all motes drop in higher tier runs.. Make it to where we could actually put our 999 Pristine motes to greater use since we're only using a few per reset or upgrade since there's only C7 in the Pristine Tier.. Allow us to break down Pristine and Shiny motes into a set amount of Shiny or Plain motes. Allowing us to combine our Plain and Shiny motes into Shiny or Pristine Motes.. In conclusion, I would love to see the exchange program implemented to all materials, but would be satisfied with just the Motes. I'm fine with farming for hours for certain Shards and what not.. It still keeps the game challenging since once a shard is guilded, it's meant to never be touched again.
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