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  1. Good points discussed so far. I do enjoy farming for the weapons even though they are skins and also the drop rates for C8 are better. It will be nice if the challenge does increase so hopefully as we near the end of Prime Incursions there will be some maps where we get high level mobs from Super Onslaught and give Endgame players further enjoyment. As Onslaught push does get tedious and some bugs makes the mode frustrating.
  2. As above. Elemental combos makes the build fun. New game modes and weapons in Prime Incursions. Mods in your gear helps and it’s fun playing and finding the mods for certain heroes. Welcome back!
  3. Yes it’s rough but endure it. The more resets the better the rewards.
  4. Story of strength and struggles. Thanks for sharing guys.
  5. Yeah I want certain flairs. So I’ll save my DM for rerolls but they aren’t expensive to reroll too! I agree that pets shouldn’t in the mix. Unless it’s rare pets likes protobud.
  6. Also check up your tenacity. Eventually you want 100% tenacity so if your C7 tenacity isn’t now 95% it is not worth investing!
  7. The patch has improved the freezing. I’m still worried it might freze during map. I’m scarred lol.
  8. Oops. You can get 10/10 from reroll too. If you don’t get 10/10 with 285 mod rerolls. There is supposedly a guarantee where you will get 10/10 on the 286th reroll. Good luck! You want that tenacity bad :) Yes you can. 10/10 tenacity in c7 is 95% then when you upgrade to c8 is 100%. Right now I have 9/10 which is 69.5% if i upgrade to c8 would be 74.5%.
  9. You can’t get 10/10 tenacity without upgrading it to Chaos 8.
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