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  1. I've noticed something as well with XP being reset after the match. Granted I was only 38, but I was running mines over and over and I saw the exp circle fill during the match. I also checked the gained xp numbers in stats. I replayed the same map four times and it kept resetting my xp. This was yesterday. I've played today and I've been able to play and gain levels.
  2. So how is this not a prevalent topic on the forum? I assume the mods are all in full force deleting these topics. But it seems they will destroy this game to make sure it can run on the switch for that sweet sweet eshop $$$. Below is CG PTR statement June 17 2021 - form your own opinions. Before we get into everything else, we want to talk about Defense Rate changes. Through our development with the Switch, and throughout our certification process, our game was not able to perform with the speed at which towers were attacking, effectively making releasing on the Switch impossible
  3. If you're on Xbox then that was me xD Or the other 99% of the player base... nothing special about this! My WM shard setup is Vicious Strikes, Gilded Deadly Strikes, Gilded Def Rate. The usual mods, SR; Water; 10/10 Tenacity. This is geared towards onslaught for me, you could drop range for mass Destr / Destr if you just want to faceroll c7s. Range is king for CC WM, it can also be placed for air spawns saving some DU since each node is 30. Even if not gilded, vicious strikes and deadly strikes should push around 1500-1600 range. My setup is 1850+ with AP. A single node can cover m
  4. I like using lavamancer's fissure, a great DU saver over ramsters. I put an anti orc and anti melee/frost (cant remember which off top of head) mod on it and it seems to burn them down with ease even at floor 200 range. Luckily it already has a generous range but you can shard or mod it further to easily outreach the frost orcs. I seldom use my fire ramsters anymore unless it's one of those ridiculous 160+ frost mob spawns.
  5. I've experienced this a few times as well. I could be entirely wrong, but I thought it was to DR. It's happened during onslaught where his hp is so high and he spawns in a poor spot where I've had trouble burning down his hp before he reshields. Or could have just been bugged... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I can definitely agree on your first paragraph. I often play c1-c3s pubs when farming motes. I also enjoy explaining things when able. However, I don't agree with nearly anything in your second paragraph. Mostly, I find the playerbase a huge concern of mine. I'll try not to rehash every point already spelled out in the thread, but recent changes are geared towards active multiplayer. Consider average player numbers of ~600-700 (PC), and then factor in a small % are actually playing a floor/game mode you want. I'm not sure how you can describe the game as "flourishing." While TE act
  7. Please I'm good at the game but far from tryhard. If Onslaught was a solo mode then I guess Tuben and Reck are playing it wrong by Duoing above 600 or Gelostar and I were doing it wrong when we were duoing floors. Literally makes it 10 times easier being in a duo. Each had to give a tiny bit to play with a friend though. In both case one of the two went down a few floors to get that friend. The Draken Keep is not an incursion map, only a couple of our Incursion at this point are incursion maps, the rest have rules exactly like Onslaught. If you do consider Draken Keep as an incursion then Lost
  8. I've seen this come up a few times, Dark Assassin, Dark Assassin, Dark Assassin. Honestly, this is Onslaught a mode that can thrown anything at you from any lane at any time. On top of this people have literally cried so much to the point that climbing floor for glory is destroyed. This mode is so boringly easy now due to all these changes. No, do not remove this freeze mechanic and do not change this boss or this map. Everyone should be creating counter measures for this. Each lane should have a specific build and specific defenses that work the best against them. Our game has devolved away f
  9. The upgrade system is broken. The prices and overall grind is too exorbinate. I pushed the AP reset grind to 15 and took a break. I have been pushing floors now in the 100s; however, I could literally double my Ascension levels by doing another AP reset since my starting ASC would be so high now... but I can't fathom the grind and cost of upgrading my gear back to where it is now. The idea of wasted c8 ampoules and hyper shard cost is ridiculous; not to mention the motes... oh so many plain motes...
  10. The mandatory Lost Temple every 5 levels is the WORST onslaught mechanic.
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