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  1. Lets be real. They need money to keep the game going. I am all for paying to get Quality of Life additions to the game. Look at Path of Exile(A lot of QOL can be learned from this game to add to DD2), Free to play and all there money is from Quality of Life improvements and MTX skins. Nothing you can buy will change if you get something more then another player. I would love to see this game add a bunch of QOL stuff and its plenty fair for them to charge for it. Good way for us to support the game and devs. Sorry but it's not free to play if you have to pay for being able to make progress
  2. Hey Defenders! Recently, I purchased the crafting material tab in the sky vault bank and was very impressed by it! It definitely exceeded my expectations with the ability to stack, remotely access, and organize all my crafting materials. So, along those lines, I would be more than glad to purchase a Shard Tab in the sky vault bank that would do the same thing. It would stack shards, have a few sort options (Chaos level, Hero, Tower, Number of shards), be able to be accessed from anywhere like crafting materials, and show you missing shards or shards you have none of so you know t
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