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  1. Damn I hate Moraggo with a passion. I have no sound so can't find which lantern he is hiding in for ages :( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025393752/
  2. Tried submitting this several times and it wouldn't let me. It kept saying my message was spam :( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025393752/
  3. Agreed! It was my first ever event and I loved it! Thanks again !
  4. Dagnabbit ItsUber! These are two of the last 3 maps I need for Ult Defender and you can't let me piggy back to get them? :P
  5. Bugger! I am at Download Festival from Friday lunchtime until Monday! Is there a chance to run it next week sometime?
  6. #1 Ball Blaster #2 New Patch Celebration #3 Salem https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025393752/ Thanks for the comp Thales!
  7. Is this meant to happen or not? I sued to be able to see them and they would flash when they needed repair. Now map shows me mobs, but no towers at all. Have I hit a hotkey or something to turn it off? I can't see anything like that in the control menu.
  8. Sent :) As an aside, I managed to finally get Insane Glitterhelm done, so now an experimenting with builds for survival. Not really making it past about 8 or 9 waves yet. My weak point always seems to be the bottom west crystal where I only have enough DU left over for a single harpoon. That seems to be enough for the Crystal at the end of the bridge, but not down south. Most other choke points have 2 harpoon, 2 spike walls, snare aura, -Str aura and electricity aura.
  9. I was reading through a few guides in steam and several refer to a dead site called ddplanner.com. I cannot seem to find anything that has replaced it. Is there anything? I'm after some ideas for new map tower placements to improve my game and youtube vids are going some way to helping, but are often made by players with much better gear and/or more builders than I currently have.
  10. Hi all, Pretty new to the game, had it for ages as part of a humble bundle but only started playing a week or two ago. Wasted a whole week playing in local before realising my mistake. Have a Countess to 72 and monk to 70 atm and finding Glitterhelm Insane just a fraction too hard to complete even when combining my countess and towers with monk auras. I've managed to get as close as 2-3 mobs left, but one was an ogre who stomped through while I was defending elsewhere. So looking for some tips on how to beat that bugger and get to 74. I tried Endless Spire nmhc a about 8 times and have beaten it twice by kiting the ogre so have a few mythics waiting for me when I hit 74. Basically, the vids I can find are ok to get an idea of what to do, but I'm still struggling. I don't have an emulator set up yet, nor a spare controller lying about (never was a console player). So very open to suggestions. I've sent Mailman a steam request, but can't see any way of communicating in steam without being friends. Zeb
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