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  1. Im all for anything im not falling alseep doing. I only play 1 round of each chaos for the free gold each reset. I find expeditions to be boring. Onlsaught is the only real engaging thing in this game for me right now. I want to be able to play it without stunting myself for not wanting to farm something i could stomp with no relics.
  2. Refering to before you edited it or after?
  3. Its how you decided to pick out the least mentioned thing in the entire post in a completely non-constructive manner. Never said it was an attack. But it was what it was. Im not upset. You have any actual input on the subject?
  4. No need to talk down to people. Im aware they don't t work (as stated in the quote you selected) and very aware of how shards and inventory work fyi. But they did work at one point and wouldnt need to be "deactivated to level the playing field" if no advantages were within them. Main point of that statement.
  5. Was actually about to make a post about this and noticed this. I vouch for this. It really doesnt do anyone any good to be forced to stare at where your defense is being placed as opposed to where you want to point it.
  6. Currently i think that with the being forced to push higher everytime it is harder than it used to be when 65 was the goal everytime. With omega waves a new concrete wall i feel like being reset to campaign level and not gradually moving up per reset (like the floors) is something overlooked about the AP rework. hate that losing maps is more efficient for farming motes than the prospect of just farming them. But still they are just green mats. The fact they are in the cash shop and drop less than "higher rarity" mats blows the "market" out of proportion.
  7. First off i love the game and was a huge fan of the 1st (HD re-release please). Second im an xbone player and read the forum alot but have never posted anything. While i do like this game alot there are quite a few thing's i wanted to throw on the table. I never messed with ancient power until i could gild shards and upgrade my "good" gear again from campaign level, however gotta say the whole forced push aspect now implemented kinda makes no sense since the other side of the coin was left untouched. Start at floor 36+ (chaos 7+ ish) but your gear goes to campaign level everytime? Even given the fact that players who reset before were only required to reach the same floor over and over. This brings us to materials that we need to upgrade relics and armor, more specifically i mean green motes and c1 and c2 amps. Forcing people to play content irrelevant to where they are in the game which is literally an afk fest. something ive seen claimed by devs on here that your trying to stop players from doing. Furthermore on the subject i read a post where someone called the mats vault a scam. I dont beleive that anyway, but what is kinda shady is selling the obviously drip fed green mats 99 motes and 5 c1 and c2 amps for 30 bucks. know you gotta make money somewhere but that is something i wont pay for. Seen it claimed that all shards have equal drop rates. Any person with a single brain cell can see that is blatantly not true. Hows a new player going to stick around when they cant even get the shards needed to make a defense function properly or even decently? chaos 8 amps and gear. The material needed to get something to c8 is utterly ridiculous and that doesnt even include amps. ive reset 17 times and have seen 3 btw. Its incredibly unrealistic to ask that much for something that isnt immune to resets. 2 mil gold and 10 copies do it for shards but a ridiculous amount more than that doesnt cover your gear? Material requirements is your problem to work out im just pointing out what my eyes see. As far as the way AP resets are currently its alot more work with alot less advantages than those who did it before the "rework" and before c8 shards were deactivated which players on xbone didnt ever have a chance to use or acquire. And lastly boot shards or lack thereof. Jump height, run speed, add double jump, mimick the jumping/flying ability of another hero (id drop quite a bit of cash for that last one, just saying) hero damage in an aoe instead of just ability power. Like the game but the reset thing needs some serious thought. campaign level everytime is pretty rough.
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