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  1. Hey i heard that Trendy wants to bring Legacy Weapons back in the Game and in my opinion thats really a bummer for everyone who collected that kinda stuff and there are many people some even only play the game as a Collector, i talked with some other people already who were the same Opinion as me that they shouldn't put them back in the Game, we got nothing rare in this game and that kinda stuff same with Pets are the only things to collect that not everyone else has. Thanks for reading, i hope Trendy changes their mind or atleast make them a very low dropchance!
  2. Hey, im starting to play Dungeon Defenders 2 Live now everyday , i don't have much following yet but if anyone is interested in watching come by , would be great! Thanks. https://www.twitch.tv/kryyhq (Twitch) 
  3. Hey i really want to buy the DLC's but its really expensive to buy em all and its a Winter Sale why are you guys not putting the DLC's on Sale? The Gem Pack was really not that good btw. I Hope yall change your Mind maybe. Thanks!
  4. Theres a Gemtastic Winter Sale Pack now which has some Gems in it, lets hope for the discount for the others tho!
  5. Hey it would be really cool if the DLC's get a discount, i would really buy them all. Thanks!
  6. Is there going to be a Winter Sale for the DLC's? Would be awesome i would buy all of them i think the Steam Winter Sale is on the 20th. Thanks!
  7. The sale was up today i contacted LAWLTA maybe he gotten my prayers hehe
  8. Hey i would find it awesome if the DLC's get discounted in the Sale i think it would get good revenue for you guys too! Thanks for reading.
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