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  1. Weapon damage MaximumAfter spending many hours repeatedly playing throne room on insane, i have an apprentice staff that once fully upgraded shoots multiple shots (still only 2 on mobile grr) and has an average dmg of 11k per shot and 30k DPS. Mind u this came from dumping 20 of the 24 upgrade slots into base dmg, 2 into shot accel (to get it over 1k) and 2 into multiple shots. None the less it still takes a ton of shots and jumping around to kill an ogre (300k+ life) in monster fest insane. the only time ive beaten this lvl is when i joined a game of someone that was obviously hacked as they
  2. Ditto here.. suddenly this leve becomes very difficult. I have a lvl 80 aprentice with decent dps and strong towers and still no dice.. what gives with the ios version? It seems like a much scaled back game (from the player damage perspective) I play online with other characters and turn damage on to see them doing HUUUGE ammounts of damage to my not so much.. i dont get it. (have a fully leveled staff +4 projectiles and still not much dmg)
  3. Now sure why or how, but as of last night the game has begun crashing nonstop without fail any time i enter/create a multiplayer event on the gamespy network. Device Iphone 4s OS: 5.0.1 DD2W ver 6.5 Steps to reproduce Launch dd2w Select online and launch game game spy browser Select Host Load Alchecmical Laborty on Insane Collect Treasure chest then place a magic missile turret. The game then crashes out to the springboard. Able to reproduce this 100% of the time now. This type pf crash was not happening 2 days ago but has begun to occur 100% of time in multipl
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