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  1. Hey Guys, i didnt find something about how to add new Weapon / Character and Accessoire Models to the game. Is there a guide for it? Which programm do i need for modelling? Hope you can help me ;). Greetings, Aethilion
  2. I like to sign up for it too. Thanks for doing this.
  3. I myself use a squire builder. The (my) problem with the apprentice is his elemental damage. The Apprentice Builder i have seen are using Fireball Towers together with huntress Darkness Traps (removing elemental affinity of mobs). Maybe you should try adding this, though i dont know for sure. As far as i know the Squire Towers have more Dmg and more Live but are slower than those of the apprentice.
  4. I'd be willing to do it with you assuming you geared up some and got other people for a team. And your still going with the whole "the guys I met must be hackers" suspicions without proof are still nothing but suspicions. Maybe they didn't feel like getting on their classes with higher stats. Maybe they just didn't feel like answering questions or proving something to a random person. Nonetheless whether or not you meant harm by it, it's best not to question people. And it's even more important not to criticize those whom do not give a response to your liking. Especially in the gaming w
  5. Because in every game that has some actual difficulty and isn't something like call of duty the good players must be hackers. Would you like to know why those people have excuses for you, since no one else here was blunt enough to tell you? It's because no one in their right mind wants to do this map with a less than perfect team on nmhc. And sure as hell no one wants to run someone through, especially someone rude enough to question other people over something as trivial as a video game. Thats the Problem here. I did NOT say every good player is a hacker. I did say those i have seen mus
  6. Yes ive seen the video. Pretty awesome. Maybe it seemed a bit rude, but was not meant as an offense to those who do this legit. Not at all. But like i said. Those ive seen who claimed that they did it didnt even have stats near to mine (2k-ish). Thats what i found is suspicious.
  7. I haven't even tryied CD, yet, but your attitude reminds me why I will never, ever, do a public sky nmhc campaign run, much less a survival one. Whats wrong with my attitude? It is not i am not willing to farm, it is not im trying hard and playing for every single point of improvement. Maybe there are some guys who did it legally. Those ive seen who actually did beat it seemingly were not. Thats my point. Not that it would be taken wrong. I really dont have a problem at all with players who are better than me. I like the challenge. Seeing someone doing well. Learning from him/her. Improve
  8. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?71994-Guide-Crystalline-Dimension-NMHC-solo Thank you for posting the guide. I will take a closer look to it the next days ;). @Kittikat Yeah. Even on easy the boss was pretty hard (not the dmg dealt but the wipe off the platform moves ;)) In the Guide which was postet by bigjaco theres a workaround tip for those moves.
  9. Translation: I'm the best gamer ever and if I can't do it, then obviously anyone who can is a hacker. Obviously. Translation: I don't want to put the hours and hours of time to gear up. I also don't want to put the hours and hours of trial and error into figuring out all the stages. Therefore, if someone can do CDNM, they have to prove it by carrying me through and beating it for me. If they cant, they are obviously a hacker. Obviously. ...and so continues the witch hunt. (and yes, i seriously registered an account just to say this) It is kind of suspicious everyone (ive seen) w
  10. [QUOTE=djpatje;610486]ure best bet probably is making a server Saying I NEED A HACKER !!! and hope one will join as its impossible too do legitly since the boss is complete bull**** :D[/QUOTE] The thing is: I agree... It is like that. Noone answered to this thread. I found a few guys having ultimate defender achievment. When asking for help with crystalline dimension: Ehhhhmmm.... uhhh... eh... yeah... dont have my dps anymore.... yeah... builder you say??? errr... uhm... my builder... havent got him anymore... sry cant help you... i did it solo once. Ah you want me to help wit
  11. * Goblin Copters now only drop/carry mini ogres * Reduced Goblin Copters missile damage by 30% * Increased King's Game DU a further 10-15 * Reduced difficulty of King's game to be equivalent to Aquanos. I know we all get frustrated with how this game gets at times, but at least you are some what fixing some key issues. So hopefully we will see some of these changes in the future. Cheers. Like Tsuda said : Aquanos mobs are much more harder than sky city mobs. So you wish it to be harder ;). Btw. he said Moraggo mobs are the stongest among the shards map mobs ;). But i agr
  12. I got the pets and gave them back to Dziggy, as he would like to continue the trades. Thank you. Great idea.
  13. I have this from time to time too (once a few months). I always did the Check game files option on steam which fixed it(2 files not found). So maybe it helps doing this.
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