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  1. Would you like to participate in an Influence week, like back in 2015 in DD2? I understand that this would be low-priority, and should be held after all the backer-stuff, console releases etc. But i think it would be great to hear about the Devs thought on participating again. The first Influence Week brought great addition to DD2. And it was funny for the community to watch in the Devstream. Dungeon Defenders II Devstream 24: Influence Week Devstream - YouTube
  2. Dear all, I have been a fan of Dungeon Defenders games, since way back in the beginning, I guess it was 2011. After the rough launch of DDA, I have been worried if this game will make it, as the communication seemed to be declining. So I actually took a break from the game, to see where it all was going, even though I was enjoying the game. For me, a "grind" game, needs to have a path forward, and regular communication from the team, for it to be worth investing the time required into. But then I saw a Juicebag video, talking about a new Community Manager, and a survey inviting players to get their voices heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp_Ni2qcvro I did a search on Chromatic-games and found a recent interview with the CEO Augi Lye, talking about DDA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz3y2sG6RDk Those two things got me interested in the game again, and I got right back into the grind, and already meet a lot of nice people playing. That was a bit of backstory, but as the subject states, this post is about giving feedback, and provide some information on what I think would make the game experience better. I have not included feedback, requests etc. on topics, I have seen a lot of times before. As a small disclaimer. This is from my perspective and my opinions as I'm seeing the game, and having fun. Currently, I have completed Massacre in campaign, and some survival, so I'm getting into Rifted. Most of the challenges are completed as well. 1. QoL - "Force Ready All" Awareness I play a lot of public games, often I host the games myself, but sometimes I join other public games. A lot of players do not know about the "CTRL + G" Forced Ready All feature. It would be great if a message appeared, nudging the host to remember the feature. This could be done if 3/4 players are ready, and a certain time went by. Maybe with an option in the settings to hide this, so experienced players don't have to be annoyed with the message. 2. QoL - "Private" as new "Privacy Setting". Currently, there are two "Privacy Settings"; Public, and Friends Only. Doing some content, one might now want anyone to join the game. Not even if they are on the Steam Friendlist. I know the friend list can be set to Invisible or Offline, but why not add "Private/Solo" to the Privacy Settings. 3. QoL - Rich Presence in Steam. While playing in public games, I meet a lot of people that also enjoy the game. Many of which gets added to my Steam friend list. While seeing 5-10 people playing DDA at any time, there is no information about what they are doing. Hanging idle in their tavern, playing public or friends-only games. Some time ago, Steam added "Rich Presence" in the Steam chat, to allow friends, to see each other's status in a game. I would love to be able to see, what my DDA friends are playing, and if they want company. Steam is describing the feature as: "Rich Presence - Games can now show details in the Friends List like: Where friends are in a game, If they're involved in a match or just starting out, Whether they're available for matchmaking, What party they're playing with, Or whatever the game developer chooses" 4. QoL - "T" to change view A question I get a lot from other players is how to change view while building. For some reason, players hit "T" by mistake, while building and have no idea why they got into a new camera perspective. While placing any defense, the Defense description shows which buttons to press for Placing, Hide info, In-/Decrease aura size. Adding a "T" to change the view, would help a lot of players. 5. QoL - Appearance of Gemstone pets. As far as I know, there is no way to identify the gemstone pets, from each other. For me (at least) gemstones can be essential for harder content, but setting up a team of random people is hard, as I need to ensure we are covered with different types of gemstones. Adding another hue of color, shape, effect or something would make it easier to spot, which gemstones the other players in the team uses. 6. QoL - Tavern information for new players. Honestly, I can't remember If this is already in the game, but I think not, by the questions I'm getting from newer players. When joining the Tavern some information on what it has to offer, would help newer players. The information could be like: "How to transmog", "How to change difficulty", "How does the trophy system work", "Tease about the hidden room", "Provide information about the target dummies" etc. 7. QoL - Progression on some achievements If possible, I would achievements like "Defense is the Best Offense, Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on Medium Difficulty or higher." much easier, if there was some visual clue, on which maps is remaining. In this case, the achievement spans over 5 difficulties, and to know your progress one needs to click on maps, on each difficulty to check what is needed. That's not intuitive, and should be easier to identify what's remaining before completion. 8. Idea - More achievements or accomplishments. I'm one of those guys, that loves completing achievements in a game. And in DD1 and DDA it's even more satisfying, because of the trophies. I have a lot of ideas of what could be new achievements, as I'm sure many others from the community have. - Some easy to implement, and some harder. I think it would be great, if the Devs invited the community to a brainstorm survey, forum thread, or some other way to provide ideas, concepts etc. to expand on the list of achievements. 9. Idea - Portrait of other players. Like in the DD MOBA and DD2 beta, it was possible to see a portrait of each player in the game under your own (In the upper left corner). This portrait could provide information on Class, Level, and might event introduce a portrait frame cosmetic feature, that could be integrated into the achievement system, as a way to brag ;) A few examples: "Players that are recognized, for doing a lot of public games. Might even be tiered", "Frames that unlocks for completing the harder content/achievements", "Tiered "grind" frames, by completing 10-100-1000 etc. maps" 10. Community - More regular posts from the Devs. It would be great to see more posts from the Devs. Even if it's small posts, as it indicates progression. It could be a bit like the Devs of Factorio. They post every Friday. I'm not saying it needs to be every week, but with a fixed interval. I'm certain everyone in the team, have something cool to share, that does not break NDA. As an example: Back in the days of DD2, there were some DevStreams where an artist was drawing a pet, effect, or some random asset for the game. I think it was a great little tease of something to come. But also, while we know the Devs are working hard, it showed something visual and gave a small insight into the progress. As this post got way too long, I keep it at 10 topics, even though I have more ideas to ramble about ;) I really hope this is appreciated and will inspire the Dev team. Have a good one :) My ingame nick is: lILL3Bj0rn
  3. I also play alot, if you want you can add me :) steam: sbrandsborg
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