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  1. Hi, I know this is not the right forum, but just letting the Devs know, that the certificate on https://dungeondefenders.com/ is expired. This might not be good for SEO ;)
  2. Would you like to participate in an Influence week, like back in 2015 in DD2? I understand that this would be low-priority, and should be held after all the backer-stuff, console releases etc. But i think it would be great to hear about the Devs thought on participating again. The first Influence Week brought great addition to DD2. And it was funny for the community to watch in the Devstream. Dungeon Defenders II Devstream 24: Influence Week Devstream - YouTube
  3. Dear all, I have been a fan of Dungeon Defenders games, since way back in the beginning, I guess it was 2011. After the rough launch of DDA, I have been worried if this game will make it, as the communication seemed to be declining. So I actually took a break from the game, to see where it all was going, even though I was enjoying the game. For me, a "grind" game, needs to have a path forward, and regular communication from the team, for it to be worth investing the time required into. But then I saw a Juicebag video, talking about a new Community Manager, and a survey inv
  4. I also play alot, if you want you can add me :) steam: sbrandsborg
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