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  1. 112 up Soul Focuser reward frm alch lab insane. I mean, res zerg insane.
  2. Ya, shop got owned. Do we get any sort of compensation for losing all those items?
  3. Is this just me? I'm disconnecting every 20 minutes or so now. It seems like a hiccup. I've never had a problem before, except maybe wave 24 of a survival.
  4. Please spread out "end game" content between maps.
  5. Title says it all. I wish doing maps, besides FOTM map, was rewarding. Introduce a 2nd currency earned by completing challenges/survival/pure strats. Let this currency be able to purchase added abilities to towers. Like flaming cannon balls!
  6. I just realized this title looks shady Craigslist style...lol So pre-umf and currently, I've forsaken every class and tower except high HP mage walls, traps, auras and monks. Occasionally I sub a hunter. (I try so hard to use tower squires, but their DU usage and towers are so highly ineffective. I try hard to use a twr appr, but outside of sitting on a +5 guardian 5 lightening towers for ****s n' gigs, it's not useful.) My traptress is roughly 380 hp/580 dmg. (For 150+ charge proxies) Aura monk is 300+~ hp/580+~ aura +200 range/tick. 600+~ twr HP apprentice buff mage walls (effi
  7. Negative, I can afk till wave 13, at which point I need to participate. If your +5 guardian affects the following 'towers' Elect Aura/Heal Aura/3 Immolation traps - everything melts. 350hp/580 dmg trap 300 hp/580 dmg aura.
  8. I want to be able to join public games as one of the spawning mobs, much like Dead or Alive. I want to be a Dark Elf warrior and find that noob not wearing resist gear. I wana play a dark elf mage and hide behind the corner spamming skeles. I want to play a kobold suicider. I want to be a 10m hp ogre. There will be many more public games open!
  9. Techincally, Once I build first wave and second wave, I just press start and AFK each wave till 13.
  10. I'm seeing it intermittently in UMF. It's to the point where I anticipate what mob will get stuck at what spawn at what time. So I'm thinking its based on what mob spawns when based on where I am on the map. One thing I did notice this time which was surprising, I entered the spawn to kill an ogre, then was trapped inside of it by a magical wall. I think your magical wall coding is bugged.
  11. Yup, pretty much it. I do proxie stacks inside my aura hub. I also use female monk, her toggle with appr guardian is just silly. 9k aura ticks, 7k trap ticks and 200k proxies
  12. It's too difficult to host public games. All you do is increase mob hp/#s. Mob HP isn't as much of an issue as by increasing mob numbers, you increase the risk of them bugging out and getting stuck.
  13. Release a few hours of a teaser of loot drops, then apologize. When Nightmare DLC comes, I'm buying. LOL You work it Trendy!
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