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  1. I joined a c7 match once, and i inspected the builder's stats and thought it was glitched. I guess I shouldn't have guessed after the core was destroyed
  2. I think to solve this problem, the def pack would need to be reworked in some way. Sure, guaranteed free in a way might be too much but when one buys with real cash and gets a lot of dupes and obtainable pets & pet regents, I mean...seriously? Exactly, thats what i mean. You buy them and get poop. I probably shouldve mentioned that im talking about the REGULAR defender pack. Epic packs and mythical packs are amazingly good, but still a tad bit rare
  3. This is true, idk why it is, but it is really annoying. Also, it does happen with the original 4 heroes, not just dryad. It is annoying to wait for your mana to go up with any character.
  4. That is actually the exact opposite of what they are. Completely disagree, with the best shards and mods, I still lose an absolute ton. besides, defender packs don't really give much of a reward, so why are they so rare? I've spent a long time getting to floor 60, and I've had many struggles. Even with weapon mans (with rate and shocking rev) that still doesn't work most of the time. When I hear anyone say "Long and hard," I always think onslaught, even if the conversation is about something completely different, like making a complex roller coaster.
  5. The title says it all. Starting from floor 28, I didn't get a single defender pack until floor 58! I don't know how this became a thing. Floors are hard and long, so why not get a defender pack every 2-3 floors, an epic every 5-6, and a mythical every 10? A set number would probably be best. I'm not really a fan of the cosmetics, but they are still really fun to open and see whats inside!
  6. Great idea! But, what bothers me here is expeditions wouldn't feel right with this feature, but maybe a new harder mode would work. A mode with enemies a higher level than normal, but you get to pick your shard rewards.
  7. To best explain, a tower with a million dps sometimes says it only has 500 dps. This gets really annoying when someone says "Inspect my dps" and I reply "It's glitched on my screen" and then so on. Also, if my friend's flame aura is 500K, and they have ancient power, it only says 450K. Ancient power + the game = Inspect
  8. Disclaimer: this might not be true in an actual game, but it appears to be true on target dummies I just spent 1,800 defender medals trying to get mods for my last hit nuke monk (Credit to Mr. Juicebags on this one) but every time I tested my nuke on the target dummy, almost every mod didn't change a thing (not including crits). A few mods (like damage with heavy weapons) ended up increasing the damage by 5 million (also seems a bit strange, don't you think?) but when I put healthy power chip in an empty mod slot, then boom, no change, or sometimes even a decrease in damage. In short, some mods change the damage a lot, but others do nothing. Anyone have this issue? Update: I replaced a heavy chip (4,500 bonus weapon damage) with a quintuple chip (5,500 bonus weapon damage, and yes I have a quintuple weapon) but that only decreased the damage. Then I replaced that with a 9/10 heavy chip with 5,000 since the quintuple chip had a higher number in damage, but it did less damage in the nuke. The result is, another decrease in damage. WAT? 
  9. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about the coding of this game, so if any of this isn't added due to a coding issue, then that would probably explain most of this. Incursions are really fun, only when you are the right chaos for them. I remember the terraria crossover, and I still love that incursion, but I can't play it due to it being a really low chaos. At the same time, I don't feel chaos 1 players should be able to beat the Bastille master incursion. Why can't these problems be solved by being able to play an incursion on any chaos, as long as you already beat the incursion on its original chaos? While we are on a similar topic, why don't we just add Betsy and harbinger on all chaos levels on expeditions? Now, I know that harbinger and Betsy being playable on a high chaos caused XP grinding to be to easy, but why can't we just get less XP on these maps? This will make them fun maps to get gear on, but not too overpowered.
  10. I like your thinking, but I am just gonna guess that it was too hard in some lanes, so they put it on a fixed lane to make the game a bit easier
  11. If it takes 2 weeks to get a new hero, then that means that we can't use proteus to get new mods. For example, if I have 9,000 medals and I am almost at a new hero, then I find a 9/10 Tenacity, now im at 8,800. Now i find a good melee boom I want, then now I am at 8600. Then I get sick of shard farming, and get 2 shard packs for a rate shard, now I am at 7,800. In this example, you could lose many medals just to make your defenses a bit better to advance in onslaught, when you could have a new hero. I can't save for new heroes, dragolich, and get other things like mods at the same time. Also, I love the idea of getting more medals for each chaos, great thinking!
  12. Yup, i see what you mean. If i farm tons of chaos 4, 3 and 1 shards, then my inventory is full. I'm surprised Trendy hasn't fixed this already.
  13. I think he said the first free one only replenishes your hero mana for lavamancer and does not do dmg. It used to be that you could only place 2 fissures, but they are both free. I think that now, it should be that you could have 1 free one on the whole map, not 1 free one per hero.
  14. You couldn't be more right. Trendy said they can't add retry from wave due to how much change in the code it would take, but every other problem could probably be fixed way easier. How did these problems even happen in the first place?
  15. Gems and defender medals are great ideas, but keep the gold removal option too.
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