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  1. Hi, is there anyway to turn off the auto lock-on for ranged weapons on the controller? This game is awesome, i have 346 hours on it already, the one I have most hours in-game, but, I hate the auto lock-on, since I changed to a new place and am in a unconfortable place to play with keyboard + mouse it gets me really annoyed the fact that I cannot target in the same way that I did with Mouse, please, just remove this auto lock-on, since the beggining it had a option to turn off on melee, just do the same for ranged weapons, that limits TOO MUCH the gameplay. Is there a way to still have this on a future update? It would be awesome, That's the only thing I have against this game (and that only came now that I use this with joystick). Please, any way to do this? Or at least a mod to disable this? Thank you all
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