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  1. hey guys, i really apreciate the time you take to write all this tips!! I started watch the juice bags videos on youtube as well and im starting to understando things and how this game works. ANyway i took a note off all you said and will start check everything. rly rly rly TYVM!!!!
  2. Hey guys. Im having a difficult to upgrade my gear. I mean when i stopped play i had itens from c6. Now im back, my best char have 4.5k points and i cant even solo a c5. What im doing wrong? How im supose to improve my gear since i cant go to c5? Tyvm!
  3. Hi guys! My best character have something like 4.500 points and i cant solo C5. But i have itens from c6 and im upgrading them. What im doing wrong? How can I improve my gear since i cant go to C5? Thx
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