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  1. Hey guys, I am pushing onslaught with a friend, and we are having really weird lags on the lost temple making it unplayable. We started having those problems right after the patch on Wednesday we did floor 464 even tho it was pretty much unplayable. It´s only on the lost temple everything else is working fine without any lags. On Thursday the lag continued on the temple (474) and we tried changing the region to US-west and that seems like a fix. On the same note, we are still lagging because of ping we are from Europe. My friend is streaming everything so you can even check out his POV. POV -> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/384369235?t=03h20m27s Does anyone have the same issue? Does anyone know a fix? Is it something trendy has to look into? I really hope there is something that can be done because this is unplayable and switching region shouldn't be something we have to do to be able to play the game. Anyway thanks for reading!
  2. is it allowed to use 2 different steam accounts on 1 pc to play with 2 different dd2 accounts simultaneously?
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