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    The problem in this argument is beams and auras are part of the game and NOT bugs in the coding. unlike tower stacking. Literally, in the end, you explained how it can be DIRECTLY affecting the community. The only possible way for it not to affect the community as a whole is if you only cheat in offline mode. Lack of knowledge is not a fair comparison. If neither of those characters existed, new ones would have been created to take their place on maps that seem impossible. And if they weren't, this is a strategy game after all, and the community would find a way to beat the maps without said characters. The other problem in this argument is they are INTENDED characters. They were made on purpose. I addressed this problem in my previous post. Use swirling in place of modded weapons and the reasoning stays exactly the same. And secondly, If stacking wasn't OP why would the community disagree with it being removed as its a bug? If you are given an advantage from a bug and if they were to remove it that people complain. It should be considered OP. People need to remember this is a strategy game. You should not have to rely on bugs. Stacking isn't intended, the rest are. That is the difference. While they can still be nerfed they aren't bugs. You can not compare bugs to intended mechanics. That would be like comparing 100% speedrunners to any% speedrunners.
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    Mana Swirling: I completely agree with you. Just because it makes the game "easier" for people they don't want it patched. If people used modded weapons in the past without it being bannable and all of a sudden they say it's not allowed, people would outcry over that too. Mana Swirling decreases the strategy aspect of the game. Lab Assault: I agree with the drops needing to be nerfed, however, only on the lower difficulties. Recently I made a restart playthrough of the main campaign with level 0s. At level 60 with a core drop crystal-tracker (not the mission one and still not a bf drill), I was able to solo lab assault on easy. Netting hundreds of millions of mana compared to a few tens of thousands I was getting. For higher levels as stated by others, Moon Base is the best for armor hunting. Also, if anything at least fix the buggy EVs. I am tired of them not spawning in or getting stuck on railings. Tower Stacking: I completely agree, It's a broken "mechanic" and needs to be fixed ASAP. Just because something has existed for a long time doesn't make it not broken. The previous example works here from Mana Swirling. I saw another say, "The only way it influences the game is that it saves on space and du. It saves 2 du from making a 4 du beam instead of a 6 du beam. You can say it's overpowered just because you don't like it but you can do just as well without stacking, you just need to know how to actually play the game." If "only saving space on du" is not considered absurdly broken, what is the point of there being defense units in the first place? or even minion units? I also saw another post with, "Imagine an old 10k hours player, that farmed with those "exploits" for all that time, how would it be fair for new players to farm without ?" The logic here is still flawed. It wasn't fair for the 10k hours player to use the exploits at all themselves. It wouldn't be fair for the new player to farm with it. There is a reason when you try to place a tower normally you CAN'T place another on top of it. Another example "Anyone who thinks lts are op or stacking is op. try not using the two things i listed bellow. -Any build on a non-base game map that is on NMHC that uses buff beams -Any build on a non-base game map that is on NMHC that uses strength drains." The problem with this is: Buff beams don't have to be stacked on. Removing buff beams is nowhere near the same as removing stacking. Same with strength drains. I'm not even sure how you got stacking from those two things. Now for stacking not being allowed. From the maps I actually have the stats to complete, I have completed. I have yet to use stacking because it is a BROKEN bug that needs to be fixed. "how is other people in their PRIVATE games affecting you? Same goes for stacking. And if you join someone who is stacking/using events then just leave. Play how you want to and stop accusing others for being unskilled for wanting to run maps a bit faster." This actually affects everyone directly. Allowing for one bug to go through opens the avenue for allowing others. You claim "private" games can't affect you, however, this is still RANKED. If someone is using hacked gear and weapons, this argument would state that it doesn't affect you. What of the items they farm? What of the coal, cubes, Ult++ items? What of all the gear that has been duped, the event items duped. All of this directly affects the community as a whole. To finish this off I leave it on, All of these should be fixed. Bugging the game to your advantage is cheating in my eyes. Fix other bugs as well such as stuck enemies. I wouldn't mind if these didn't get changed as long as it is moved to only be allowed out of ranked.
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    Item Check Thread

     I'd like these checked please i bought these in different afk shops
  4. I'm looking to restart my entire playthrough on a new account. If you are interested please add me on discord at Gizzy#1586 or on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/Silver3btw/ I would prefer you to also be on a new account. If that isn't possible place your existing mana into mana tokens and put it into your own tavern shop and that way you can start new. That is all I'm asking for, but i would really enjoy it if i can have a full team play through everything ( I have entire collection plus tinkerer's lab) and 100% the achievements as well eventually
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