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  1. I am countering no one and nothing. I said, 3 People can hold a Boss with 60% more HP. But its not possible to hold all monsters with 3 People with 60% more HP. The only thing what is unfair is, that i cant play my onslaught level with Friends or any People from Discord. My Lady Orcs have around 70m HP. maybe i can hold 20-40% but 60% more HP means around 100m HP for LAdy Orc.. Now u can think ? Try to hold it with a Headstrong Mutator.. and please stop tell me, u can Dps on that lane :).. The Point is, i want to play with other People and if i do that, i got punished .. THATS is unfair. The old time is over, we need to change something !
  2. i know this will not help u now but u should safe the relics with L u will lock them and then u cant sell this relic.. if u cant read the interface from a game, its your own fault.. sorry
  3. i think u are right with there will be afker but !! its much better than have a afker + all monster 20% hp (+bosses ofc too) its better if only bosses have +20% hp.. im sure 2 or 3 can hold it too if someone is afk, but lets say we are 4 in a room and 3 afk.. maybe u can hold the bosses, but + 60% hp all monsters u cant hold becouse no one upgrade anything like the most idiots.. "oh heeey his FA have 1.5m DPS i dont need to upgrade it"
  4. Baran2


    i heard from discord, its not easy to wirte commands.. but u can make like this: upgraded shards are not stackble and 0/xx shards are stackable.. and if they are stacked, its not allowed to upgrarde or equip them. and if u want to gild them, u need to replace the 11 mods in each slot
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    pls make shards stackable.. there is nothing more to say i have all bags+ full vault but its just all for shards.. maybe only the blue shards
  6. hi guys, i would really enjoy if u change your current system about hp health from monsters, if u playing with other people.. atm its like, if someone join u, the monsters health going up for 20%. the problem now is, no one want to play with more than one more person in onslaught. maybe it would be better, if u give bosses 20% more hp each person and not all monster. ppl would play more together and there a more players maybe in advantage because of no stuck.
  7. have that issue too since 4.3 .. it happens random and until now i just have to live with that
  8. U should add a Mutator like, Frost Immune and in higher floors u can put them very often.. (the new ice weapon is just broken atm) stop headstrong lanes + frost orcs, u can do that on floor 500+ but not on low levels.. this need a really good set up with a lot of range + heavy aoe damage + single target damage. and please delete mutators in low level onslaught.. like up to 100 or maybe 150.. the ppl need to know what means each mutator and learning by doing to build. u know ? my first temple map i just stay there and say to myself "oh hell what the fack" "oh ***" whats going on" bcs from nothing, there are like 20 mutators and u dont know anything..
  9. Hi, if i try to start my game its frozen and just a white screen. no error nothing. the game close and nothing happens.. pls help win 10 64 bit
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