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  1. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do about that. I had the same thing happen to me when I was mashing the upgrade button after a reset. You don't really notice it when it gets to c7 max because sometimes the game lags a bit. The only way to make sure this doesn't happen again is to put the c8 amps in the sky bank vault. NOT THE MATERIAL VAULT! it can still be used from there too.
  2. So, I opened 2 myth packs today to spend some of my defender medals, and they were empty. I couldn't even reroll the pack or confirm the contents. I waited for the counter to reach 0 and they got some gold. I don't even know what I got from those packs :\ is it only for me or does anyone else also experience this problem?
  3. That's why I'm saying "Where it matters", if you don't want warnings you can click the "don't show this message anymore", and that's fine, but to not have it at all, or have it for useless stuff like selling motes is the problem. I am not saying "Oh Trendy, please please add more pop up windows telling me that I am about to do something straightforward and that those windows' entire existence is just to show you can create pop up windows". C8 upgrade is NOT a simple thing, mainly due to the rarity of the amps. If you don't want that window, fine, just make it go away completely, but people DO
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forums but not to the game. You might find this funny, but I accidentally upgraded a relic to C8, yes - accidentally. you might be wondering "wat? ,WHAT?!". well, I just did my second reset and I was upgrading this one relic to carry me a bit through the lower onslaught floors. I was clicking my mouse like a maniac, no regard for materials or gold, but then I came to a halt when I was out of materials, and then I saw it - Chaos. freaking. VIII. I forgot I had my single C8 amp in my inventory and didn't notice when I got the relic to C7. What I am saying here is... please
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