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  1. 10k def medals for new players would be more of an issue then real money I believe because you would be making them chose between bags and new heroes however 2 bags 2 vaults starting would be nice, or even what if you gave new players who complete the campaign/adventure mode 1 free month of the gem mine. Then they could chose 4 more bags or 2 heroes. Giving them a little jump start and incentivising them to play every day.
  2. I just disagree with you, Trendy is a company that makes a fun game and needs to earn money. Buying bags and Vault slots are 100% worth it and reasonable to boot. The fact that you can earn everything else in the game including character skins for free makes the bag purchase an easy one imo. The 10 dollar gem mine will get you 1 bag a week I believe. I am not sure what answer would make you happy but if you do not like this game and do not want to support Trendy in any way, there are lots of games out there.
  3. As a new player you need very little space for shards. Gilding shards is more of an end game thing not a new player thing. You will either equip the shard or dust it because you do not even have that hero yet. I would say basically the same thing about mods since mods do not even really come into play until c7 for newer players. I think purchasing bags are something you do after you have decided that you like the game enough to support it and want the increased quality of life. I think this is much more of an end game thing then a new player issue personally.
  4. I suggest just joining the LFG channel in discord, and then adding people you enjoying playing with to your friends list. If you seek out players instead of hoping people will join it makes finding players in the future quicker and then you do not have to worry about random afker's. I think if you want better loot you should have to fight harder mobs. Now a real suggestion to help your solo play would be the ability to set the difficulty to 4 players even while solo. Then you would be justified in getting the 4 player loot box.
  5. how? paying to win means buying power within the game. Bags add no power just add quality of life.
  6. Thinking a little more about it I would like to change my answer to C1 Destro C2 Defense Rate C3 Deadly -------------------------- C4 Defense Rate C5 Destro or Deadly C6 Destro or Deadly That way you can farm plain motes and gilded shards or shiny motes any gilded shards
  7. Bags do feel really important, but Trendy is a company and I think you would want to make money as a company so you can stay in business and continue to create more content for the game. My question for you would be what would you replace the income produced from bags with w/o making the game pay to win?
  8. I too would love to see some kind of change to this system. I think 10 dust might be a little low, 50 or 75 dust to select the correct shard would feel closer to the right number to me. I think another suggestion that would help this system a lot is add destruction to c2 as well as c1, add deadly strikes to c5 as well as c3 and add defense range to c4 and c6 so you can farm any crafting mat you might need as well as the gilded shard. This would make the farming feel a lot more fluid to me.
  9. I think he said the first free one only replenishes your hero mana for lavamancer and does not do dmg.
  10. I'd like to add that player and boss icons appear on top of anything else on mini map please.
  11. Like i said already, I would love the core issue fixed. I was just adding information to what I think a good way to implement this idea would be. This thread is talking about advanced loot sorting. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/158335/qol-mod-and-gear-auto-pickup-filters
  12. A) hitting the scavenger is quite literally stopping what you are doing to go sort your inventory. B) On page two of this thread I address this issue in multiple ways. Game changes should be focused on making the people who play the game's life better and not on what afkers do. C) Even in a group my time is still my time, and also your time is yours. Being able to build (as I am normally the builder in my groups) then start the wave and then sort my inventory would not drag anyone down. (Also keep in mind my c7 build time is about 15 sec and even my friends can not sort their inventory before
  13. I did not mean any disrespect, but he is just restating the same things over and over with out reading others posts making it hard to move the discussion forward.
  14. A) why would I want to lose my win streak by going to town and visiting the scavenger B) How is any of the time I spend playing not "my time" C) The reason to go into your inventory is to keep it clean and search for items worth keeping and sell items that are not worth keeping with out losing valuable time. Unless you are level 24,000 you have better things to do then sort your inventory. D)"faster in the long run" ... sorting your inventory while clearing waves is Infinity faster then doing them apart. That is the whole reason for this thread. A) who said you have to stop. Hit scavenger
  15. I found this to be the best way for me. I sort before I open them, I put them all in the bank, Pull out all of 1 tier aka chaos 7 for example. Then I open all of the c 7 ones. Then I have to zone either out of game and back or to the tavern so the game realizes you opened them(on pc or the sorting does not work). Then I go to the Magnifying glass in your inventory sort by shards, then by hero. This will put all of the like ones next to each other for gilding. If I am not gilding that shard, then I lock one and sell the rest. I then do this with each tier of shard(sometimes 2 tiers at a time)
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