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  1. I don't understand this at all, and quite frankly, find it really unfair. Why is it that the costumes are unlocked based on difficulty, instead of how Halloween Spook works (whatever class you beat it with gets the costume). A lot of people can't do the insane challenges, and keeping a costume from them (when you can get one of the ones on EASY) seems really stupid. What's the point? it is because they still have A LOT of problems with the game ... i am just going to take a brake and see if they will realize what they are doing to this game
  2. Were none of the other things listed in the 7.14 bugs thread bugs? If not, an official note about them would be great! well there was one but then they closed it rather then moving it cuz they are getting lazy to what i see
  3. to be honest i think me and hubby are going to be to
  4. its the grinch bro he stole christmas HAHAHAH that is funny ****
  5. I dont see why jetah didnt just move the whole thread instead of closing it.. what with the bugs in the game? probably cuz there sight is getting blown up like nothing
  6. It's 1AM and they are releasing a patch cause (A) to dumb to do testing (B) to dumb to setup a test server. They cant say they aren't able to afford it...and they definetly have the man power to do it....so the question being..... WHY AREN'T YOU TESTING ANYTHING????? yah!!! seriously why are you not testing the game.... as it has gone so far... patch then hot fix hot fix hot fix.... but didnt fix many of the problums
  7. They are definitely on top of policing the forums! yah they are... if they put half the effort they put in to policing the forms they would most likely do a better job at the game
  8. Nightmare is not where casual players should be. It is, by definition, for the hardcore players. That said, let me add: .... how is the haurdcore player going to play on nightmare?!?!?!? really.... I was looking for a reason to go to bed early... yah but the **** you get from the insane wave aint that great anyways.. kind how the loot done scale with the difficulty meaning we are doomed to play the same **** over and not get better
  9. that is stupid... did he realize there are still bugged mobs in UMF2 and this game is no longer a causal game its not for hardcore players???
  10. Is that all it's fixing? yah you should be fixing more then just that
  11. So i have noticed that this game went from a causal to a way hardcore game. with the constant DLC and all the bugs that come with it.... how is the causal player going to play on nightmare?!?!?!? really.... i know i am not the only one out here .... so now what?? maybe just get mad cuz i spent money for the game and now it is no longer enjoy able to play cuz you have to be hardcore player with almost best gear to play unless you play old content
  12. so i have noticed in UMF 2 the mobs are still bugged
  13. Steam down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [edit] steam back up ?, downloads just restarted yah steam is back up
  14. She's evil don't do it. don't listen to this guy he is a freak and don't want me to play with anyone >.< PnuE stay out of my business or i will come home and beat you HAHAHA <3
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