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  1. So, my Angry Nimbus says it attacks for 560k every 0.36s. When I send it on a training dummy in town, it does 560k....every 2 seconds. Who says the true ? The Dummy or the Nimbus' stats ?!
  2. I play a Dryad as main. Lv130, 5500 gear points. I'm trying to fine-tune my stuff. Getting ready for C7. I saw a few guides recommanding Vampiric Empowerment for my traps (Nimbus / Bombs). The thing is.... Destruction gives me way better numbers ! (like, 520k vs 560k...) I have the following theory : Most guides are from pre-relic revamp.With actual relics basically being either "Power+ then HP+" or "HP+ then Power+", a Trap would obviously use a relic boosting POWER before HP (which is what I do).Therefor, my Traps's HP really isn't high enought to use the Vampiric Emp. to its full potential....... which in the end seems to be quite an "OK" outcome. Destruction will be better and that's fine. Unless I missed something....? Right ?... Right ?.... No... ? Maybe ?
  3. So, the Adventure for the 2 pirates maps says the rewarde is a Mystical Def. Pack. I did both missions. And then the 2nd one a second time. Can't get the reward. Is there a secret objective to get ? Or did I just miss a memo somewhere ?! ty
  4. Yeah. It seems like 4.0.3 re-broke what 4.0.2 fixed relating to masteries. Can't do Masteries anymore. Even if I try to create a private game : "SEarching for session" but never finds one.
  5. ( PS4 ) : 4.0.3 re-broke what 4.0.2 had fixed related to Materies ! Can't join masteries, again. "Searching for a session" but never does find one.
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